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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      A published story out of the Midwest reportedly had the following exchange.  The Black man told an Illegal Alien: “Get out of the country”.  The Illegal Alien replied: “Quit being so lazy.”  In the middle of this exchange, the Illegal Alien was in the wrong.  IF the Illegal Alien came to the country legally, he would not be in the wrong.  Further, IF the Illegal Alien expended the same energy in HIS country as he expended to cross our borders illegally, H

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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      Interesting fact that has escaped ‘lifelong, hard-core’ Democrats during our recent social upheavals in Democrat-run cities: “Where are your children and grandchildren going to go in order to get their first job?”  Please allow me to take a brief trip down memory lane to outline what jobs have either disappeared for teens, or—thanks to liberals—have gone the way of manual typewriters.

      Time was that a young man (or a young lady) could get a job as a newspaper c

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Back In The Day Economics With Mike Ramey


      Let’s get to the lowdown on employment, or as it is better known as ‘getting a job’.

      There are two things that job seekers need to keep in mind about the economy.  Either you have an ‘employer’s’ market (where employers can afford to be a lot more selective about whom they hire for a job), and an ‘employee’s’ market (where employees are in short supply and can not only pick and choose where they work, they can get top dollar for their services)

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Back In The Day Economics With Mike Ramey

     I just received the latest copy of my favorite, local business publication in the mail. 


     On the front page—complete with great artwork—was a piece on how vinyl was making such a strong comeback in the record industry that existing processing plants were having a hard time keeping up with the demand of BOTH musical groups—and consumers. 


     Of course, I’m still holding out for a revival of eight-track tapes…but this is a dream deferred for another day.


     Over the last ten or so yea

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On Line Reviews by Mike Ramey


“If economics is the study of the use of scarce resources which have alternative uses, then it follows that there will always be unmet needs.”

--Thomas Sowell

Basic Economics—Fifth Edition


     With portions of America still reeling from a major economic slowdown brought on by the pandemic, this is a good a time as any to concentrate on some ‘mental re-tooling’ in the form of preparation for a society on the other side of this pestilence.  Nevertheless, no matter what society may look like, there

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An Elder Must Teach! (TM) By Mike Ramey


     I recently ran into a young brother who had brought an interesting problem my way, which provided yet another opportunity for me to teach!  As we were talking about business building and Black economic success, he seemed a little frustrated in the fact that he could not find any books written by African Americans on business success.


     You know me.  Once the opportunity to share wisdom which I had been blessed to gather over the years, I was ready for ser

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On Line Reviews by Mike Ramey


“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”

  • Thomas Sowell, Author

“The Thomas Sowell Reader”


     He is possibly one of the most down-to-earth economists that may not be known among some of the younger generation.  Nevertheless, if one is truly interested in business, entrepreneurship, urban history, charter schools, or plain old common-sense his name will surface quickly:  Dr. Thomas Sowell.


     While Sowell re

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The Bible Economics Line by Mike Ramey


“You ask his protection, but how can you expect it if you are not agreed with him?”

--Charles Haddon Spurgeon


     In one of my favorite comic strips, a boy and his father were having their typical argument over spending money.  The boy expected his father to serve as his personal ATM machine; the father insisted that the boy did his chores around the house to earn his spending cash.  Keep in mind that this boy went to church every Sunday with his family.


     He made the classic mistake of tryi

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The Ramey Commentaries by Mike Ramey


     Every few years, it seems, a group of Blacks get together to come up with ‘The Black Agenda’. The cameras flash and speeches are made…but nothing seems to get done. Recently, I happened to sit in upon such a gathering, and was sorely disappointed with the discussions. You see, those of us who have a touch of gray in our hairlines, and have lived through the turbulent sixties know full well that we, as a people, successfully fought for--and won--many rights that were due u

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What’s in a Word?

There is significant discourse on political correctness. Some argue we taken it too far. Others say we have not gone far enough. Although some people may have taken this construct to the extreme, there is substantial justification for tailoring one’s language (and behavior). Words hurt, and the negative effects can stay with you for years. The use of offensive language continues. Three examples of such terms are:
• Tribalism,
• Banana Republic, and
• Voodoo Economics.
Joe Scarborough of Morning Jo

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Baba Amefika D. Geuka

A Black Paper

September 20, 2015

"EVENT" Defined:

An important occasion; an incident; an activity or one of a series of activities. NIWPD*



"PROCESS" Defined:


A set of actions; a system marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result.  Websters

 "SYSTEM" Defined:

A group or arrangement of parts, facts, etc. that relate to or interact with each other; a group of logically related facts, be

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                                                              From The Ramparts

                                             Junious Ricardo Stanton

                       International Bankers Are the Blame For the US Financial Implosion


“The latest stage in the bankruptcy hearings has highlighted the role of the banks in wrecking municipal and family finances across the country. Detroit had one of the highest percentages of subprime loans—many from Countrywide, which was taken over by Bank of Am

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Leaders Of National Black Wall Street USA Support Alfred Edmond, Jr of Black Enterprise In Call For "Black Small Business Saturday"

On behalf of Rev. Michael Carter, National President of National Black Wall Street USA and our local and national chapters, we are pleased to offer our full endorsement and public support for Alfred Edmond,  Jr , Black Enterprise as well as others who have called for the Black community to use its powerful economic power in its local c

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The Manhood Line by Mike Ramey

MEMO: THE RAMEY RULEBY MIKE RAMEYI wanted to give a solid ‘shout out’ to those warriors who have volunteered to contend with young men on a regular basis about their sagging pants. Of course, I am still amazed of the longevity of this rather ‘brief’ matter--but I digress!I’ve seen some rather interesting battles and discussions between adults and teens about the need for keep pants pulled up to regulation level. I’ve heard of adults shouting at teens, and teens shouting back at adults over ‘my r
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Black History, R. I. P.?

by Dr. Pamela D. ReedNow that Barack Obama is President of the United States, why don't we just pretend that America wasn't built on slaveholding?If the spate of recent "post-racial" articles suggesting that we need no longer commemorate the African American struggle for freedom and equality in this country is any indication, this seems to be where we're heading.This is a classic case of the phenomenon called selective history/memory, or as some have termed it, historical amnesia.We've been bomb
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To The Reparations Movement:

The 2009 National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA) Conference will be in Dallas, Texas, June 18-21, 2009, at the Mt. Tabor Family Life Center, 3700 Simpson Stuart Road, Dallas, Texas 75241. I will be there because registration is only $60, and I got a cheap plane ticket (USAir) out of Philadelphia for $246 roundtrip! For more information call:214-723-6030.With the new strategic tactics of a post-racial America the Reparations Movement must make a course correction and ret
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Reparations 101:The Context Card

Reparations 101:The Context CardBy Minister Ari S. Merretazon, M.S.CED, Board Member, Northeast Representative,National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA)Too many people in high, middle, and low places in America are still in denial about the crimes against humanity represented by the monstrous destruction of human life, culture, and human possibilities called The Holocaust of African Enslavement and Trade.This human tragedy covers a continuum from 1440 to the present.Often
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Tough Times Ahead

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonTough Times AheadBy all accounts the global financial situation is bleak. The corporatist mind control apparatus is keeping the masses dis-informed, duped and distracted while the financial elites rearrange the deck chairs and reshuffle the cards to confuse and obfuscate the situation. Their goal is to pull off another major heist of the our money under the guise of saving the US economy. The media talking heads are hinting we are facing the most severe ec
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Economics: The New Slavery in Black America

Brandon Brice: Last Sunday as I sat in the congregation of one of the most prestigious churches in Harlem, it mesmerized me to hear the praises, chats and applauses for President Barack H. Obama, as our nation’s 44th President of the United States. As a black man, it was an incredible moment in history to see someone who shared my same features, living on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Interestingly, statistics show that a large majority of Americans feel that racism no longer exist, but fail to realiz
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Obama's economic plan includes the rebuilding of the American infrastructure, updating the broadband system, building schools, creating jobs.An economic system that strts from the bottom up is being discussed in economic circles.What ideas should the People contribute, since many small businesses, enterprises and ideas come from the working and lower classes? economic plan that has worked from the bottom up is on
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