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The Bible Economics Line by Mike Ramey


“Sometimes, we are waiting for God’s blessings; sometimes, God’s blessings are waiting for us!”

--Mike Ramey, Syndicated Columnist


     One of my favorite modern westerns is: “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.”  It ran only one season during the early 1990s but packed a lot of punch in a small package.  Legendary character actor Bruce Campbell played the lead—with a very strong supporting cast. 


     One of the underlying themes of the show was the dawning of th

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The Ramey Commentaries by Mike Ramey

The rent-a-mob has gotten what they wanted. Unfortunately, they are only weeks away from not being satisfied with what they got. At the bottom line, when you call 9-1-1, a social worker or youth program is not going to protect you, your family or your business. It’s that Blue Knight who will be risking their life to keep you safe…IF your city still has a police department, fully funded.
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One of my favorite war flicks is 1949’s “Battleground”. In brief, the film deals with the fictionalized adventures of a segment of the famed 101st Airborne Division during WWII. The 101st suffered great losses and hardships holding a city by the name of Bastogne until help arrived. The film’s climax comes as the surviving members of the unit were finally relieved, and got their orders to retire from the fighting.

As they were marching out, in the distance, they could see a new outfit of fresh tr

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