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We empathize with those suffering from oppression, brutality and systemic inequality. Activism is what built this country. So, building a better tomorrow means taking action today.


As a black-owned business, we stand in total solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

We pledge our unwavering support to all of the protesters and activists around the world. They have come together from all cultural backgrounds to collectively usher in a more tolerant society.


There may be times ahead when the

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Being Black is LIT and can't nobody tell me different. Being proud isn't equal to hate. Being proud means we recognize our interwoven common threads of shared experiences and our history of overcoming. Despite the oppression and aggression we face as people on a daily basis, still we rise.

However, being proud isn't enough. That pride needs to be expressed in action. These brands need your support not only so we can celebrate Black culture, but so they can continue to grow, create jobs, attract
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Man, dads are hard to shop for. They can be indecisive or just plain picky. Either way, do not fret. You will want to consult this list of ideas to surprise the Dads, Grand-dads, Pop-Pops, Uncs, Ol'heads, Godfathers, and new fathers in your life. We won't let COVID-19 steal Dad's shine. Even with socially distancing, these are the perfect Father’s Day gifts to ship to dad to show him how much you care just in time for his big day!


Keep scrolling for the best athleisure wear, boxers, cologne, hat

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Have you seen an outfit, a pair of shoes, a handbag that you absolutely loved but it was out of your price range? Love it, but not willing to break the bank or spend more than you budgeted? What about holidays, birthdays, and special events that may require a big ticket purchase?

You now have options!

You have subscribed to my newsletter and you know that I am a huge advocate of deals and discounts, taking advantage of the coupons I send directly to your inbox. You have even purchased your copy

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I can tell by some of the posts I am seeing on social media that y'all are experiencing cabin fever due to the quarantine. Parents are tired of helping with school work, spouses are tired of each other, single people are feeling lonely! The temptation to go out and be social is strong, but I am going to share my coping mechanism with you - coloring!


I love to color. It is therapeutic, relaxing, and mentally stimulating. The times are uncertain and I am not sure how long confinement is going to l

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Mother's Day is May 10th this year and most of us are still abiding by our stay-at-home orders. Attending church with mom, followed by dinner at her favorite restaurant are currently not permitted. We won't allow COVID-19 to put a damper on Mom's day, so I put together a list of unique gift ideas from wine to greeting cards to hand bags, all ready to ship directly to your superwomen and sheroes for her to enjoy (without contact).

Wine and Custom Wine Glasses

Shoe Crazy Wine


Wifey Rosé



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A crayfish seller and Theatre Arts graduate from the Imo State University, Miss Nneoma Uzoka has emerged winner of the March 2020 edition of the “Help the Hard worker” monthly competition organized by a non-governmental organization, Princewill’s Trust for entrepreneurs, youths and Rivers residents who are engaged in micro business ventures and all forms of hard work in Rivers State.


A statement made available to journalists today by Princewill’s Trust titled “April Fools day Message for a M

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Residents of Detroit and surrounding areas, prepare for The Jamaican Pot’s newest restaurant. The Jamaican Pot, Inc. has announced the opening of its newest restaurant, after nearly three years of planning, hard work and overcoming many business obstacles during the process; located at 3031 W Grand Blvd; Suite 200; Detroit, MI 48202.

The Jamaican Pot is a recognized name in Metro-Detroit and serves traditional Jamaican dishes, with their unique flare, under the direction of owner and main cook,

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Preview #11, Journal of Pan African Studies, Poetry Issue

Guest Editor, Marvin X



A Pan African Dialogue on Cuba


From Black Bird Press News


Hip Hop Artist Dead Prez on Sanctions
INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed hip hop group Dead Prez recently announced
plans to make a song that would call for the lifting of the US-EU
sanctions against Zimbabwe, as well as the US blockade on Cuba. En route
to Washington DC, one of the group’s lyricists, brother Mutulu 
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JOURNAL of Pan African Studies

Poetry Issue






Dingane, aka, Jose Goncalves,

Publisher, Editor

Journal of Black Poetry


* * * * *



Larry Neal, Guest Editor





Larry MillerKuwasiBalagon

Larry Neal Victor HernandezCruz

Askia Muhammad TouréEbonCharles F.Gordon

Jimmy Stewart

Makhuka Rammopo

Lynn ShorterStanleyCrouchD.L.GrahamHerbertGreshom


Victor Hernandez Cruz

Kirk Hall

Bob Bennett

C.A. Graves


S.E. Anderson


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