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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      Based upon what I have been reading and seeing concerning some of the latest scandals of our current crop of Black elected officials (many of them of the Democrat and liberal stripe) there SHOULD have been someone in their political upbringing who were willing to ‘school’ them on a few truths and realities.  Regardless of whether a Black elected official is a Democrat or Republican, it should be painfully obvious that—being a Black man

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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      Got a LOT of great responses to the first part of this set.  I wanted to keep it rolling with some of the ‘clips’ from the cutting room floor.  Just remember, to start off each graph with ‘Ain’t It Funny That…

      *…more and more well-known corporations are going broke changing their products into billboards for the alphabet mafia and are shocked, SHOCKED that the American public aren’t buying into their propaganda…

      *…more young men are opting out of going

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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey




     I’m going to warn you up front—this is going to be a HOT column!

      Those who are quite proud of their sexual branding—those who actively practice and identify as sodomites (gay), Trans (Transvestites), Bi (Bisexuals) and other letters of the ‘alphabet mafia’ have seemed to forget two crucial things: The first thing: God.  The second thing: Competence.  It is one thing to ‘cling’ to pride in your ‘alphabet’.  It is quite another to be competent at what you do outside

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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



     Contrary to popular opinion, it is NOT the times that defines a man; it is a man who defines the times!  In other words, a real man—especially a real Christian man—does not bow his knee to the whims of society when it comes to righteousness, beliefs, family, and the Word of God.  A true man under the power of God has the hidden strength to make the times bow to him because he can see the landscape and the type of traps that are laid out to cripple and possibly kill him.


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The Ramey Commentaries (TM) By Mike Ramey




          In the early 2000s, I served as a Probation Officer for my county Juvenile Court. One of the issues that I regularly ran into was teen suicide.  Those teens involved in gang activity were especially at risk.  Probation Officers received updated training in this area—especially those of us who carried high risk caseloads.  Training was expanded to detention staff, social workers, and others who were involved in the field of juvenile justice.  Signs that

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     Before we get into the last part of this series, I wanted to inject a few things which surfaced before I made the decision of putting this column to bed and shipping it out.

     I happened to have a conversation with a veteran Minister whom I have a lot of respect.  His attitude towards Ministers and regular Christians being involved in politics?  Not very supportive.  He believes that Christians in general, and Ministers (Pastors included) should stay out of the political arena.  Yes, we s

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     Before we get into the last part of this series, I wanted to inject a few things which surfaced before I made the decision of putting this column to bed and shipping it out.

     I happened to have a conversation with a veteran Minister whom I have a lot of respect.  His attitude towards Ministers and regular Christians being involved in politics?  Not very supportive.  He believes that Christians in general, and Ministers (Pastors included) should stay out of the political arena.  Yes, we

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     Here’s my opening quote for our time together: “Politics will improve before the American public, as more and more honorable and upright men fill the ranks of public servants.” I trust that I have given an upright man the inspiration to step into the ring, and run for public office.

     Your fellow citizens need you…especially in these last days.

     One of the best pieces of advice I got in terms of living the Christian life in a fallen society came from the late Pastor E. V. Hill. In one

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From Player To Coach by Mike Ramey

     A few years back, Ty Willingham, Head Coach for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, was interviewed about a tough, upcoming game. The TV interviewer seemed more nervous about the game than the coach, as they asked Willingham about his strategy to deal with a very potent opponent’s running and passing game.

     “We’ll adjust our offense, accordingly.” Said Coach Willingham.

     The adjustments paid off, as Notre Dame ran over the opposition with little sign of trouble. It was the OTHER team th

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     Great political quote from the late Democrat President Harry Truman: “An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics. He can only attain greatness and satisfaction by service.” Keep in mind that Truman was one of those politicians that no one wanted as Vice President (just like Teddy Roosevelt). FDR died suddenly, and Truman became President. If you know your history, one of the things that happened on his watch; Israel became a nation, and the U.S. was the first nation to recognize

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    A true story to lead off in our batting cage warm-up session.

    A young man, out for his first political office, won the primary and defeated his challenger from within his party by a two-to-one margin. He was looking forward to taking a few weeks off and resting up for the campaign trail to the general election in November. Life--and his party--had other plans. The incumbent of his party that held the seat he was campaigning for suddenly resigned, and vacated the seat.
Remember how I menti

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     Before we get started with our next installment of this series, I wanted to drop in a few key books that will help men keep sharp during their venture into the political arena. The two books that I have on my radar involved Black conservatives, how politics impacted their lives, and how their families remained strong during their political careers and public visibility.

     One book is J. C. Watts’ “What Color is a Conservative”. The second is Sheriff David Clarke’s “Cop Under Fire”. Both a

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Brothers, allow me to slip in a few things about the media and politics, as we begin our time together this month.

*First, make neither one--media or politics--your god OR idol. Your risk of getting hurt or deceived will be GREATLY reduced. BOTH of them are a game; a pursuit to be understood, mastered and, if possible, overcome with a political victory.

*Second, do NOT be afraid of either or them. Some media people and politicians rely on intimidation, bluff or bluster. God does NOT create a spiri

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     One of the places where local party officials get access to a wealth of untapped volunteers comes--ironically--from your local school house. Students who take high school courses in Social Studies, U. S. History, Civics or American History are given the opportunity to earn extra credit by ‘working the polls’ during the primary and general elections.

     Don’t be fooled. The ‘dirty little secret (DLS)’ is, while the ‘mainstream mess (MSM)’ cries about the ‘low scores of students’ IN public e

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     Those who gripe about politics don’t necessarily want to see problems solved.

     They just want to talk about the problems and hope the problems will resolve themselves, with the least amount of damage to themselves and their families.

     Those of us who are Men of color have just as much right as to run for elective office as the next person. The problem is that there are few in the way of resources available to encourage men TO get involved in politics; to build and coach men in the way

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DotMob Fuxk The Politics Art


DotMob's Murda Mook, T-Rex & Dutch Brown have come together in a formidable way over classic Hip Hop tracks on their new mixtape Fuxk The Politics hosted by DJ Whoo. This project also features verses from Cooley Cash, Chayna Ashley, Dan Barz, Brillo Henny Hustle, Pop $hit & Great One.

01. Where is Whoo Kid? (Intro) 
02. Fuxk The Politics 
03. Neva Told On Nobody 
04. Benihana ft. Cooley Cash 
05. Foster Kids 
06. D.O.T Ain't Nothing to Fu

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September 13, 2013 By conyeani Leave a Comment

Now, with the stroke of his pen, everybody is aware that Jonathan has counter-attacked against those who oppose him.  Given the nature of Nigerian politics, the sacked ministers rather than Jonathan’s actions forcing them to the opposition, I am sure would distance themselves from the opposition.  In Nigeria, where a minister never resigns unless forced to do so, the sacked ministers are right now at the gates of Aso Rock (the preside
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Driving While BlackI firmly believe that America is the greatest country on the earth and it is truly a land of opportunity for all.  The American dream is alive and well and many people of all races have had tremendous success.  With these positives in place, it is no wonder why there have been so many incredible achievements by African Americans in the 21st century to include the obvious - the first black president.

It is also true howe

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In Memory Of Big Pun

Big Pun, check the blog http://hiphopresurrection.ning.com/

Just wanted to give a moment of silence for

one of the greats out of the Bronx "Big Pun".

Your never dead as long as you live in our thoughts.

Its been 12 years since Feb 6. R. I. P




l.jpg?width=200Bad Bitch can be declared as a classy woman. A lady who loves money and watches the style of clothes she wear. Loves to take good care of herself, smells good, and loves lots of purses. This song with rap artist Gansta Marcus and Free-Doe I felt real defined the definition and point I was trying to make.
Bad Bitch F

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