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By Orrin Hudson, former police officer-turned-community activist.3828572125?profile=original

  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: In a situation with the police, it’s not immediately about who is right or wrong, it’s about staying alive. If the police are making a wrongful arrest, this can be corrected later at a safer time.

Too many unarmed African American men are losing their lives to white police officers, and most of the time justice is not being served. But even if justice is served, a valuable life has al

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The Enemy: Donald Trump, Social Termites or Both ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

            If you were a homeowner, the solution for the enemy would be unmistakable.  "All politics is local."  Trump is seeking welfare at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC at the expense of all voters.  He is the welfare king.  On the home front, every voter and denizen needs a termite-free nest.

            Blacks need to get their priorities straight.  This is usually done

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“Two men, one from the US, George Floyd; Another Cuban, Silverio Portal, both are victims of abuse of power and discrimination. Floyd was killed by racist police; Portal lost vision in one eye after a beating in prison, he suffers political discrimination. Why can Cubans speak fluently about racism in the United States and clearly criticize the US judicial system? Because there is an acknowledgment in that country that there is a problem. Why can’t Cubans see clearly the injustice committe
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Trump is The Enemy of Jamaica

Jamaica is another Ukraine. Trump has robbed Jamaica of its sovereignty and rendered its political leaders, both JLP and PNP, helpless. I did not realize this. So,  I owe Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness an apology. I did not realize that US racist president Donald Trump had put the screws to him. I was perplexed and shocked when Holness chose Trump’s right wing puppet as president of Venezuela over the elected President  Nicolas Maduro, who had done so much for Jamaica. Holness had to do t

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10171051_724624240944395_3234616837195831384_n.jpg?oh=385fa2d17d824e6b3c38df4c34d99b61&oe=54FA942E&__gda__=1425807254_e1c7576005829d8b0563bc315b307f0eAfrika Bambaataa, Harry Belafonte's BeatStreet, SugarHill Records, Disco Fever in 2015 Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Inductees Class for TV Show March 2015 NYC
Producer Hip Hop Global Media & Entertainment Starts Talks with Cable & TV Broadcasters and Potential Sponsors with Press Conference Kick-Off Scheduled January 2015

The 2015 Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Inductee Class will be lead by Afrika Bambaataa for Lifetime Achievement, Harry Belafonte'sclassic Hip Hop Film BeatStreet now celebrating 30

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119738Kevin Hart, Regina Hall and Terrence J attend a screening of 'Think Like A Man Too' sponsored by Magic Shave at the Showplace Icon Theater on June 12, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (PRNewsFoto/SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories) 119737Magic Shave's NEW Bump Rescue Skincare Line, a range of three skincare products formulated to help men visibly reduce the look of razor bumps. (PRNewsFoto/SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories)  NEW YORKJune 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories® Magic® Shave, the u

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We are working to build an three part community facility to help the Global African family. Please check the link and support our effort to raise the funds needs towards making this repatriation and education effort a reality. Any amount, no matter how big or small Counts! To support this effort, go to: http://www.gofundme.com/sankofa-center

3828564795?profile=originalCreated by Kala Mujibha on April 4, 2014

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Today President Obama visited a U.S. auto plant that makes the battery-poweredChevrolet Volt. Some analysts think the Volt could revitalize the struggling American auto industry with its high-tech battery component and environmentally friendly power source.

However, what is not known to the American public or the world is that the Volt's lead designer is Mr. Jelani Aliyu, a Nigerian. In 2007, General Motors brought Mr. Aliyu to New York, and invited the African Sun Times Publisher to a dinner

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There exists a prevailing crisis of African American leadership at all levels. That is a predicament both dangerous and adverse to the continued progress of the various dimensions of theAfrican American community. The crisis is both of content and conduct and it (along with other social factors) may be preventing the youth from learning what they must know and how they must
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Un pueblo a la luz de la oscuridad

Giunëur B. Môsi – Barûle Gazette

En los Estados Unidos existe un sinnúmero de culturas viviendo bajo una
misma frontera. Culturas de diferentes países si no de todas las
naciones europeas, asiáticas, africanas, oceánicas, y por supuesto de
las naciones del resto del continente Americano.

En el pensamiento general Norteamericano, a los originarios del
continente europeo se les considera de manera unánime caucásicos; a los
asiáticos, orientales; a los del medio oriente, árabes; a los africanos,
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By Curtis Cost

Black AIDS organizations, as well as some Black Clergy, Black politicians and Black sports figures have beenencouraging African Americans to take HIV tests and to take HIV/AIDS drugs. Inmaking these recommendations it is clear that these individuals and groups havefailed to research the debate over the validity of the HIV tests and whether HIVis really the cause of AIDS.

On the other hand, doctors, scientists and researchers for years have been challenging the HIV/AIDShypothesis. Fe

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Kwabena Akurang-Parry:

LET me state some caveats that my effort at interrogating the conclusions of Professor Henry Louis Gates does not mitigate the marginality and chattel nature that reconfigured the lived-experiences of enslaved Africans worldwide, nor does it exonerate slave-holding societies in Africa as well as some African states’ participation in the Atlantic slave trade. Second, I do understand Gates to mean that the blame for the Atlantic slave trade should be debited to both Africans
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Lessons from Confederate History Month

By Ezrah Aharone:

Next year in April commemorates the 150th anniversary of America’s Civil War. So under the pretext to “encourage tourism” in Virginia, which has over 100 Confederate monuments, GOP Governor Bob McDonnell dusted-off an old proclamation that declares April as “Confederate History Month.” Not only did he revive it, he removed a clause stating “that slavery was one of the causes” of the war.

President Obama called this “an unacceptable omission,” while members of Virginia’s Legisla
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Zionism and National Insanity

Monday, March 15, 2010

Zionism and National Insanity

Zionism And National Insanity

Recent events in Israel such as the planned building of 1,600 housing units in Arab East Jerusalem, lead us to the conclusion the Zionists are headed down a national suicide path that will surely take America, if not the world, with them. What makes their suicide a foregone conclusion is the fact they are surrounded by nations with populations more suicidal than they. The Saudi Arabian brand of Islam promoted by Al Q
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Parable of Black Man and Block Man

Parable of Black Man
and Block Man

You got black man and block man.
Watch out for block man!
--Sun Ra
There was a black man and a block man, both were black men, but block man had a big block head. He used to stand at the crossroads waiting for black man to come through so he could block him from going in any direction. If black man tried to go east, west, north or south, the playa hatin, jealous, envious block man would cause black man to either stop, stumble or fall.

Sometimes black man would purpo
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With the history of racism and discrimination in the U.S., black people have become very observant. These skills have become very honed and polished over the years due to inequalities in all aspects of life. This is a trait that has led to many a court case being brought to flush out racism, to the benefit of generations to come. Some people have tried to underestimate these observational skills by marginalizing them. This has spawned the phrase"playing the race card".
When black people point out
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The Resilience of Haiti by A. Omar Muhammad

The Resilience of Haiti by A. Omar MuhammadThe memory of smelling the stench of dead bodies while driving through Port-Au-Prince and other areas of Haiti will only be a small part of what I took back home with me. I also took a host of other thoughts, emotions and a continued desire to give to those less fortunate.When I heard the news of the earthquake it seems like something took over and I knew that I would soon be in Haiti helping those who lost some of their family members in the earthquake
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Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti

Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti By Alton H. Maddox, Jr If Blacks enjoyed political representation and not just political presence in the United States , it would be unnecessary for me to ask you to make a clarion call to get medical treatment for Haitians in dire need of medical treatment. Former Sen. John Edwards and actor, John Travolta, can freely travel to Haiti while the passports of our leaders have been lifted. Moreover, these leaders have refused to initiate a class action lawsuit
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