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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      I stopped by one of my favorite local fast food restaurants a few weeks back, put in my order and made my way to the pay window.  The employee on the window asked me if I would like to ‘round up’ the price of my purchase to the next highest dollar to ‘help out’ the favorite charity of their fast-food chain.

      I chuckled and said: “Only IF the money goes to the employees.”

      Well, the crew on duty had a good laugh.  I got my correct change, and my order, a

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Back In The Day Economics With Mike Ramey


      Let’s get to the lowdown on employment, or as it is better known as ‘getting a job’.

      There are two things that job seekers need to keep in mind about the economy.  Either you have an ‘employer’s’ market (where employers can afford to be a lot more selective about whom they hire for a job), and an ‘employee’s’ market (where employees are in short supply and can not only pick and choose where they work, they can get top dollar for their services)

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The Bible Economics Line by Mike Ramey


“You ask his protection, but how can you expect it if you are not agreed with him?”

--Charles Haddon Spurgeon


     In one of my favorite comic strips, a boy and his father were having their typical argument over spending money.  The boy expected his father to serve as his personal ATM machine; the father insisted that the boy did his chores around the house to earn his spending cash.  Keep in mind that this boy went to church every Sunday with his family.


     He made the classic mistake of tryi

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 Jim Crow-era regulations created for the express purpose of denying blacks economic opportunity are still on the books and must be repealed to promote black prosperity, according to the Project 21 black leadership network in its forthcoming "Blueprint for a Better Deal for Black America."

Recommendations in Project 21's Blueprint meant to encourage employment opportunities for black communities are being released just after the U.S. Department of Labor' Bureau of Labor Statistics announced its

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gI_102724_COM16AE_02_24_16_US.pngExpress Employment Professionals released new survey results today revealing the most employable college majors. Engineering was the most popular response at 17 percent, followed by accounting (15 percent), business (14 percent) and computer and information services (nine percent).

Express Employment Professionals released new survey results today revealing the most employable college majors.

The findings come from a survey of 134 Express franchisees across the nation. Respondents were asked, “W

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NB Commentary: This is a very interesting article that I am reprinting. Leave your comments below.
Written by Dr. Oluyemi Olawaiye
I have battled with the idea of writing this article for over 3 years, but only got the needed incentive yesterday in the form of an extremely shallow, misinformed, inaccurate, deceptive and downright misleading documentary I watched on You Tube about how Nigeria was this drastically rising economic super power within the continent of Africa, and was going through this
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You're released from prison. Now you need to find a job. In reality, you don't need a job – you need a break.

As I have mentioned in previous Sextant articles, your success at landing employment will largely depend upon you being an open book with no hidden agendas.

Now, how do we create this, no hidden agenda - open book persona? I actually stumbled on it by accident. Let me share my personal experiences.

After I was released on August 7 1980, I spent a solid month canvassing office and industrial

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by Bob Shipman | 02.06.2009The following is a excerpt from article written concerning a trend in my city and may be reflected across the nation. We have started a listserv elist yahoo group to begin to build a structure communication tool for the parents of color to the way the leaders of this group tap into this list.please join in the discussion as needed...This time of the year, shaky tax preparers get rich. Many low income folks use the corner store tax company that pops up in December and b
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