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What’s in a Word?

There is significant discourse on political correctness. Some argue we taken it too far. Others say we have not gone far enough. Although some people may have taken this construct to the extreme, there is substantial justification for tailoring one’s language (and behavior). Words hurt, and the negative effects can stay with you for years. The use of offensive language continues. Three examples of such terms are:
• Tribalism,
• Banana Republic, and
• Voodoo Economics.
Joe Scarborough of Morning Jo

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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

From the Desk of NYS Senator Eric Adams . . .
NYS Senator Eric Adams | 1669 Bedford Avenue | 2nd Floor | Brooklyn | NY | 11225

Beatrice DuPont
Subject: Obama Election Info, Tomorrow

Obama Election Info:

The Republican Record of  bills put forth by Obama and the Democratic Party that were designed to help the majority of people in our country as well as small business owners:
Tax companies that ship jobs overseas –BLOCKED
The Dream Act – BLOCKED
Political Ad disclosure Bill – BLOCKED 2x
Small Business Jobs Act – BLOCKED 2x
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Support For Black Owned Business Growing - Smokin' Joe Products

One of the first community organizers to work with Barack Obama in Chicago for over 20 years. Now Associate Editor of The South Street Journal Newspaper and 37 year activist/journalist, recently selected as 2010 Who's Who In Black Chicago.

MARK ALLEN TALKS -- Black economic empowerment and the effort to sustain an increase Black owned businesses and local job creation.

As a board member of The Black Wall Street-Chicago Projec

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Fall Check UpSeptember 10, 2009Raynard JacksonPresident Obama has been in office almost 9 months, so I have decided to give him a presidential check up.He ran the closest thing to a perfect campaign that I have ever seen. The campaign was disciplined, focused, and well managed. But, since being sworn into office, neither he nor his team has displayed any of these qualities.The administration seems to be all over the map and has done a horrible job with message control. Let me illustrate with his
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