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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



     Of course, we now have a battle between employers and employees about whether to physically return to the office or shop on Mondays.  Before I dig into this, let me unpack a few things.  First, the title of this column refers to a tradition among Pastors and up-and-coming preachers in their churches.  Old Pastors would make their selection of younger ministers for preaching and ministry assignments based upon those who ‘showed up’ for pastoral training and church functions.  A

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Back In The Day Economics With Mike Ramey


      Let’s get to the lowdown on employment, or as it is better known as ‘getting a job’.

      There are two things that job seekers need to keep in mind about the economy.  Either you have an ‘employer’s’ market (where employers can afford to be a lot more selective about whom they hire for a job), and an ‘employee’s’ market (where employees are in short supply and can not only pick and choose where they work, they can get top dollar for their services)

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On Line Reviews by Mike Ramey


“If economics is the study of the use of scarce resources which have alternative uses, then it follows that there will always be unmet needs.”

--Thomas Sowell

Basic Economics—Fifth Edition


     With portions of America still reeling from a major economic slowdown brought on by the pandemic, this is a good a time as any to concentrate on some ‘mental re-tooling’ in the form of preparation for a society on the other side of this pestilence.  Nevertheless, no matter what society may look like, there

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Armageddon Within: The Final Fight

(Using Your Talents For Entrepreneurship)

By Kamal Imani



Although there are a multitude of things going on in the external world that can cause distractions, drama and dissatisfaction, are these things the real reason that are keeping you from going to the next level? Or, are there some internal voices that are giving you excuses that you tell to yourself so frequently that you actually begin to believe your own lie? Have you actually brainwashed or hypnotiz

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BlackWomansRoadmaptoSuccess-1.pngEntrepreneurship is the vehicle which will allow African-American women to become financially solvent.

Atlanta business woman announces the birth of e-Black Women Network™ – a network designed specifically for African-American women who:

· Want to start a business and need guidance starting the business.
· Own a business but wants to increase her business’ visibility by learning effective marketing strategies.
· Who want to start a business but are unsure of what business to start.

Businesses owned

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