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“Until then, the people of God also share in the judgment of death.  And before God wraps up history, more judgments will still fall on this planet.  We have not seen the end.”

--Erwin W. Lutzer, Author

“Pandemics, Plagues, and Natural Disasters.”


     What has been needed for quite a while during the months of the worldwide Wuhan Virus pandemic is a work that encourages the Saint and warns the Sinner that God is still in complete control of the natural and the supe

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From The Ramparts
by Junious Ricardo Stanton
    “The main relevance of The Great Crash, 1929 to the great crisis of 2008 is surely here. In both cases, the government knew what it should do. Both times, it declined to do it. In the summer of 1929 a few stern words from on high, a rise in the discount rate, a tough investigation into the pyramid schemes of the day, and the house of cards on Wall Street would have tumbled before its fall destroyed the whole economy.
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The D Word

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonThe D Word“At the root of the banks’ problems are the large losses they have undoubtedly taken on their securities and loan portfolios. But they don’t want to recognize the full extent of their losses, because that would likely expose them as insolvent. So they talk down the problem, and ask for handouts that aren’t enough to make them healthy (again, they can’t reveal the size of the handouts that would be necessary for that), but are enough to keep them
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Tough Times Ahead

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonTough Times AheadBy all accounts the global financial situation is bleak. The corporatist mind control apparatus is keeping the masses dis-informed, duped and distracted while the financial elites rearrange the deck chairs and reshuffle the cards to confuse and obfuscate the situation. Their goal is to pull off another major heist of the our money under the guise of saving the US economy. The media talking heads are hinting we are facing the most severe ec
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