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Avoiding Sexual Harassment

It seems that I am lucky to be a mature settled married man. But, there are many other men who seek sex among consenting adults. And, there’s the rub – “consenting adults”. Actually how does a guy get consent without such actions being considered “sexual harassment”? A lady friend of mine, a platonic friend, told me it was considered sexual harassment to tell a woman she has beautiful hair. I was surprised at my ignorance. On many occasions, total strangers, women mind you, have told my red-head

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The Republican Party is dead

The Republican Party is dead. Trump killed it. I wondered how 74 million Americans could vote for a dishonest, racist liar for president. I know the popular Republican political strategy is telling  lies. It has been very effective but Trump has mastered that ‘big lie’ skill beyond expectations which would have made Hitler proud. Trump most famous ‘big lie’ is that he won the elections and according to the polls, despite his obvious loss, 70% of Republicans believe him.

Despite Trump’s  complete

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The Manhood Line: The Gold Files By Mike Ramey


     I would like to take the time to welcome each reader to “THE MANHOOD LINE,” a column written to put forth solutions for men, regardless of their color, achievements, age or issues.  Let me say from the outset that this column is unique.  It is not a column to show women where their problems may be.  However, this column it is an answer for many, many, many men whom you and I know are tired of being labeled as monsters, misfits, or idiots. 

      Brothers, we are here to answer your question

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Rahmón P. - "Patterns"

New Orleans mc, singer, songwriter, & producer/musician Rahmón P. just released his second fully self produced album. Following a healthy vibe driven 14 track effort in ANALOG LOVE he's now back with the highly anticipated project PATTERNS, including lead singles "Bout That" and "Keep Score" featuring the hip-hop legend Fat Joe. His futuristic/genre-bending approach to production combined with his progressive and witty yet vintage wri
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 Photo Credit: Dame Dash Studios

Dame Dash's name carries a lot of weight and just as many titles - Co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, record executive, film producer, director, and actor. He came through to Minority Report featuring Black-Owned Businesses, Live on Facebook to discuss the re-launch of his streaming app providing exclusive content! Dame Dash Studios features classic movies like Paid in Full and more. Viewers can also enjoy music, stand-up comedy, interviews, live performances, po

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Dean FM - "You Shady for That"


Dean FM (Dean-Fraser Milford) is a Boston Massachusetts based non-binary rapper, activist and influencer.

His music encapsulates eclectic thoughts that scat over percussive rhythms and exotic sounds. His performances exude drag culture and satiric expression. In 2016, Dean released his debut EP "Watch It", which received local and national coverage. In 2020, Dean FM released his EP entitled "SISSY." The music video for his lead single "Bottom Bit" shines a light on the exploitation of prostitutio

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My favorite holiday falls on February 13th and that holiday is, drum roll pleeeeaaaase...




From the moment I discovered Black Love Day and met Ayo Handy-Kendi, the creator of the holiday, I have been applying the tenets to my life. This profound holiday focuses on 24 hours of love in action practicing Love for the Creator, Love for yourself, Love for your family, Love your community, Love for the Black Race.


Click here for a how-to guide for those interested in observing

Black Love

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The Ramey Commentaries (TM) By Mike Ramey


“But evil men shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

--II Timothy 3:13 KJV


“Give advice: IF peopled don’t listen, let adversity teach them.”

--African Proverb


     Nearly everyone has heard of Samson; the man who was blessed by God in the Old Testament Book of Judges (Chapters 13-16 KJV) to begin taking the Philistines down a few pegs on the humility meter.  Samson had a good run but lacked focus on God and his true mission. He wound up having his hair cut (the source of his st

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On Line Reviews by Mike Ramey


“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”

  • Thomas Sowell, Author

“The Thomas Sowell Reader”


     He is possibly one of the most down-to-earth economists that may not be known among some of the younger generation.  Nevertheless, if one is truly interested in business, entrepreneurship, urban history, charter schools, or plain old common-sense his name will surface quickly:  Dr. Thomas Sowell.


     While Sowell re

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Introducing the highly acclaimed multi-genre DJ, Record/Executive Producer, Sound Engineer, hailing from Manchester, UK. Tayo Alao, also known as DJ Tayo, Co-signed and approved by legendary celebrity DJ/radio presenter, Tim Westwood, Tayo has already performed alongside and also been recognised by international African icons such as DavidoBurna BoyAfro BD’BanjWande Coal and many others.


Emerging onto the drill scene with the arrival

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Black stories. Black talent. Black creators. Black History.


I am going to go out on a limb here and say this year’s month-long celebration of Black History, is worthy of next-level turn up. Why go above and beyond more than any year prior? Because the last 12 months have shown that life for the descendants of chattel slaves hasn’t changed nearly as much as we would like and/or want to believe. We are in the fight of our lives while living in a Nation in crisis (e.g. suspect vaccines too reminis

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Razzi - “Smoking On Dead Ops”



Armed with unmatchable swagger and true grit, Razzi exploded onto the scene back in 2018 with his debut single “Pour Up The Henny” – and every step forward he’s taken with his career ever since has shown he’s miles ahead of the rest & been setting the standards for the Rap/Trap game to raise up to. From deep cuts with full video support like “Born With A Purpose” released in 2019 that told his story to the world, to tracks like “Red Lights” that flexed the finesse of a future superstar in the ma

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Swiggle Mandela will be releasing his latest single "Needed" Friday, Jan. 15. The song is his first with Compton-based Shady Records rapper Westside Boogie. The song also features Swiggle's brother Jasey Cordeta, and LA-based singer Kenai.
"Needed" is a catchy, melodic dance hit that doesn't hold back on sentimentality and thoughtfulness in the verses from Mandela, Boogie and Cordeta. "It's an honor to work with Boogie, and to be able to give my brother Jasey Cordeta and the homie Kenai the oppo
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JuggstarKB - "KB Story"



Rising artist JuggstarKB just dropped a hot new single titled "KB Story". His new song is about the artist reminiscing about life over a slighlty emotional instrumental. This joint is str8 fiah! Make sure you check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.






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The C.E.O. of United Music Mafia Sean Whitlow prepares to take 2021 by Storm


Sean “OG Big Sean” Whitlow is a veteran of the game that realizes there is still much more work to do in his career. This isn't to say that he hasn’t achieved great success and passed seemingly insurmountable obstacles with ease. OG Big Sean has established himself as a constant player in the game, providing a fresh take on the genre lyrically and providing a great landscape for budding artists to grow over the years.


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     *Would you like to know one of the reasons behind the demise of “Promise Keepers”?  Well, in my humble opinion, the organization went down the tubes when it started to try to ‘please’ the women in our society. 


     *Would you like to know why more and more viewers are ‘turning off’ the Olympics, when they cycle around every four years?  Because those power brokers often shift their focus away from the broad, competitive spectrum and narrowcast to the women of society. 


     *Would you lik

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If you happen to be on a weight loss journey, eliminating sugar from your diet may assist you to achieve your goals. How much weight can you lose if you adopt a sugar-free diet? That determination is going to be based on your current weight, metabolic rate, and the amount of physical activity you participate in.

Eliminating sugar completely sounds insane given it's literally in almost everything from condiments to processed foods. The good news is you can find allulose in foods like figs, raisin
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