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Siani to Release New Hit Single "Hotel"



Born in Salem, New Jersey, but raised in Hampton, Virginia, Siani has the hustler's mentality of a big city girl mixed with the sweet charm of a Southern Belle. As the second oldest of four children, Siani spent her youth surrounded by musical and artistic talent. Her father worked as a songwriter and music engineer to help support his family. At home, the sounds of RnB legends like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Kem, and Carl Thomas always played in the background, helping to form the soundtrack to

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West Coast Lyricist, KAM delivers the visual to the single "NOI LOVE - No Greater Love" featuring Derreck 4real

KAM-now referred to as "West Coast KAM" is one of the most well-respected Rap Artists in Hip Hop. The lyricist is known for his strong Pro-Black street-lyrics and his NOI (Nation Of Islam) membership. Kam is the most consistent leader in his community and the HipHop industry for nearly three decades now. As an author, WestCoast KAM has written a book on Black Male-Female Relationships,

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Living Legend - "Pre-Game"

Hi I’m Michael the “Living Legend” is an artist of no boundaries. His first introduction to music came as a small child and he would visit his family hometown of Chicago.   He is a military child, which afforded him the opportunity to to experience many genres of music.  He was exposed to MoTown, grunge, techno, salsa, merenge. As he grew older and the trips, continued he gained an appreciation for Kenny G., Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg. LivingLegend sang in his churche's children choir and became  
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[NEW MUSIC] BILLBOARD G - "T.I.Me" | @billboard_g

East Coast Lyricist, Billboard G's Sophomore Album "T.I.Me" is setting streams afire


Billboard G born Amir Rashon Williams on February 5, 1989, in Newark, NJ has made a name for himself in the underground hip-hop scene. Before the release of his sophomore album "T.I.ME" (this is me), Billboard has been able to share stages with some of the world’s biggest artists such as A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, PNB Rock, Ja Rule, Fetty Wap, and plenty more. He made it on primetime television with an appearance o

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The Bible Economics Line by Mike Ramey


“You ask his protection, but how can you expect it if you are not agreed with him?”

--Charles Haddon Spurgeon


     In one of my favorite comic strips, a boy and his father were having their typical argument over spending money.  The boy expected his father to serve as his personal ATM machine; the father insisted that the boy did his chores around the house to earn his spending cash.  Keep in mind that this boy went to church every Sunday with his family.


     He made the classic mistake of tryi

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Brick city Newark, NJ, the future Tizo drops his debut single "House On The Floor" produced by King Mezzy. Landing him a spot on Jadakiss' mixtape "Back to The Streets Vol 2" which recently dropped.


Catching attention from vets in the likes of Havoc (mobb deep), Fat Joe from the BX, Cassidy, even in the west coast The Game.


Tizo kept his foot on the gas, applying damage to the industry.


With a mixtape entitled "Neckbreaker", hosted by platinum selling, award winning artist Jadakiss dropping Tizo

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Omen44 ft. Fizzi Pizzi - "Dum-Dum"





“Dum-dum” is the 2nd single of Omen44's forthcoming album "Hentai", featuring French artist Fizzi Pizzi and underground's most wanted, French producer Kyo Itachi who's been working with Conway, Roc Marciano, R.A The Rugged Man and Ruste Juxx, etc...
Omen 44 originally from Kobe, evolved into a seasoned and respected Hip Hop artist since claiming NY as home and placing his stake in the music scene. The quick buzz and notoriety from his music resulted in shared global stages and collaborati
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Iammoneymic - "Heartbreak and Money"


With so many musicians, artists, and personalities in the entertainment industry, it is becoming more and more difficult to grab the attention of an audience. What’s more challenging than that is staying alive in their hearts. Singer-songwriters tend to have a different connection with their art which provides deeper prespective. Money isn’t the purpose. Getting people to smile, dance, and feel - is the focus.


Iammoneymic is bringing his fresh new sound and perspective to the DMV with “Heartbrea

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Mariana Peleases New Single - "Hold Him Down"




(Los Angeles, CA) TUESDAYSeptember 8, 2020 -- Mariana puts passion to paper in her new release "HOLD HIM DOWN". This half Jamaican, half Italian spicy New Yorker is new to the music scene but she definitely has seasoned qualities and is powered by a team of veteran entertainment pros!


Mariana comes out swinging with her first major project (that she wrote) under her new label Diamond Empire Production INC. Being the first gem to break under the newly formed lab

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The Bible Economics Line by Mike Ramey


“Sometimes, we are waiting for God’s blessings; sometimes, God’s blessings are waiting for us!”

--Mike Ramey, Syndicated Columnist


     One of my favorite modern westerns is: “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.”  It ran only one season during the early 1990s but packed a lot of punch in a small package.  Legendary character actor Bruce Campbell played the lead—with a very strong supporting cast. 


     One of the underlying themes of the show was the dawning of th

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Tizo - "House On The Floor"



Born and raised in the brick city Newark, NJ, up and coming artist Tizoe drops his debut single"House On The Floor" produced by King Mezzy. Landing him a spot on Jadakiss' mixtape "Back to The Streets Vol 2" which recently dropped. With an upcoming mixtape entitled "Neckbreakers" , a collab with artist Young A.D. and hosted by platinum selling, award winning artist Jadakiss dropping Aug. 30th Tizo (tizoe) soon will solidify his seat at the high table .

So if you know like I know, you'll stay tun

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The Ramey Commentaries (TM) By Mike Ramey



“You had better begin life in a hollow tree and be a man, than begin it in a rented house and be a mere tool, the imitation of a man.”

--Booker T. Washington

            During my days as a juvenile court Probation Officer, I handled a high-risk caseload with many of my clients “on papers” for violent offenses.  The most amazing thing about my job is when I would have clients become crime victims, courtesy of other juveniles.  Oh, my clients were incensed and DEMAND

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Franco Grave- "I Got The Feeling Today"



Rising artist Franco Grave just dropped a hot new single titled "I Got The Feeling Today". The artist has his own unique style of music combining rnb/alternative rap/electronic style to create sounds similiar to that of Mac Miller and Anderson Paak. Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.




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Racism 101

In my book, "Leave The Rat Race To The Rats, I deal extensively with racism from a very unique perspective. I blame racism on what Occupy Wall Street refer to as the 1%, the richest one per cent of America who dominate American politics. Instead of calling them the 1%, I refer to them as American Supremacists. Here is an excerpt on racism from my book:


Blacks have been and continue to be the victims of racism in America. It is worst in the ghetto.  They have suffered at the hands of whites

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The Flesh Must Die is an album about DooBoyCoy trying to get rid of Slick. You can’t open new doors doing things old ways.
In 2005 my motto was scratch over snatch. 
In 2010 my motto was stash and learn or crash and burn.
2020 my motto is But GOD. 
Nobody but GOD could have saved a sinner like me. 
My street name and former alias was Slick Smart. My first album came out in 2005 tilted Scratch over Snatch. I quit rapping because I was living the life and I didn’t think it was smart to be rapping abo
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Unwitting Trump Supporters


We have a solemn duty to prevent the most disastrous crisis America has ever faced.. I speak of the re-election of Donald Trump. So, a few days ago, I could not believe my ears. I was listening to my favorite radio station, the progressive WPFW 89.3 in Washington DC.  I heard criticism of the Democratic presidential nominees, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  

Any criticism of the Biden-Harris ticket is helping Trump. Now the conservative media and the rest of the Trump base is heaping criticism on

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East Coast Lyricist, Jaypassion drops her latest project, "100 Proof" 


Jaypassion is not just an artist. She's an all-around dope, laidback, authentic, and thorough individual. Jaypassion graduated from grad school and is very successful in her career. "I work in the social services field because I want to give people the help I didn't have coming up!" She grew up in the very hardcore streets of Philly. Section 8 housing, absentee father, low income, and all the other fixings contribute Jaypassi

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