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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      I’ve worn a variety of different hats over my lifetime.  All of them have, at time or another, ‘bumped uglies’ with the impact and effects of juvenile crime.  Whether it has been in a classroom, in a courtroom, or in the streets, juvenile crime is the issue that spends more time taking—rather than giving.  In short, regardless of what you see on social media, in the ‘mainstream mess’ or in the latest video game offering or in the latest rap/hip-

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     Now, let’s be honest.  Many of today’s parents don’t value an education the way many of us ‘P-Schoolers’ do.  Some of the stuff I read about in the local papers or see on the local news would NOT play out when I was a mere tyke.  My mother, who WAS a teacher, would have--simply--dug my grave, and my father would have tossed me in, and put the dirt on top of me, if I DARED to cut-up in school.

     I went to school, graduated, and went to college, and graduated

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On Line Reviews by Mike Ramey


“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”

  • Thomas Sowell, Author

“The Thomas Sowell Reader”


     He is possibly one of the most down-to-earth economists that may not be known among some of the younger generation.  Nevertheless, if one is truly interested in business, entrepreneurship, urban history, charter schools, or plain old common-sense his name will surface quickly:  Dr. Thomas Sowell.


     While Sowell re

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The Tomaquag Museum and Charlestown’s Rhythm & Roots Festival are adding The GroovaLottos — a 3828606842?profile=originalWampanoag-led, Grammy nominated soul-funk-blues band, to the festival’s lineup, marking the first time a Native American led group will be featured.

Charlestown, RI- The Rhythm & Roots Festival 2018 will feature The GroovaLottos — a Wampanoag-led, Grammy nominated soul-funk-blues band, will be added to the festival's September 2nd  lineup, marking the first time a Native American led group will be featur

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Episode 3: Mwalim pays tribute to Women's History Month, discusses the importance of parental involvement in the education process, a bit of the Louis Apollon Band, the Mass Hip-hop Archive, and a performance by The ZYG.
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A member of popular soul band The GroovaLottos, and internationally renowned arts and cultural educator introduces an innovative, guerrilla- style YouTube talkshow on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

Social Topics - Arts - History - Culture - Education - Black Studies - Indigenous Studies - Music - Life... sums up what you'll see on the new weekly Youtube broadcast, simply called "". The popular arts and culture blog will now come to life via Youtube. The program concept: a video es

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Originating from the efforts of Carter G. Woodson, whose landmark dissertation ' The Mis-Education of the Negro' challenged the social structure of American education.

However, the white supremacist orientation of the United States makes it impossible for Black History Month to have any significant impact in the education of the masses.

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Less than a month ago, an article was released stating by 2053, "Black households will have a median wealth of zero." In other words: half the population have less, the other half have more. Those people who have more are typically white people. If you don't see that as a problem, we probably shouldn't be friends. If you aren't willing to do anything about it, don't even acknowledge me when you see me in the streets. Word.

Wealth inequity is not a new phenomenon. Not only is it not new; the reper

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I Wasn't Supposed to Make It! Audio Book

Born in Harlem New York and raised partially in the Bronx New York and later Teaneck NJ, by a struggling single mother, Kamal was almost naturally entangled in a world where it seemed that everything was against him. His world was a dangerous one.
With his mother fainting and having nervous breakdowns due to overwhelming stress, Kamal was left to

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3828591073?profile=originalUnder the motto " For Quality Education Towards Human Development ", classes began today in Mozambique, the 2017 academic year for general and vocational primary and secondary education, and then for higher education. The first day of classes is a particularly important time for students and caregivers, especially for those boys who go to school for the first time.

Already since the early days of 2017, there have been some concerns about the shortage of teachers to meet the demand, the lack of ed

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MSM%2Bvs%2BAltNews.png?width=320NB Commentary:  If it's so fake, and so unbelievable, then why don't they simply ignore it?
Why do so many so called "real news" outlets feel the need to spend so much time lambasting so called fake news.
They have relegated themselves to the likes of in an effort to cover up PizzaGate scandal.  They have reported the debunked aspects of this story while ignoring the real indications and the real connections.

They are also telling out right lies, which is no
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2016 Trends and Predictions

                                                      From The Ramparts

                                                 Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                               2016 Trends and Predictions


            As I have observed and stated on numerous occasions, human beings are creatures of habit and once you discern their proclivities, patterns, customs, folkways and traditions  etc. you can accurately predict their current and future behavior. If we watch what pe

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YOU should join if…:

  • You are still ‘Black-and-Proud,’ and still ‘Say it Loud!’You still love Black people, and love yourself being Black;
  • You are a black male who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Man;
  • You are a black female who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Woman;
  • You are a black senior citizen who is “sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired!”
  • You are a black senior citizen who is fed-up with having…“been down so long, that gettin’ up
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Smiling-in-the-Woods-Playing-fiddle2.jpg?width=536From the 2013 Native American Music Awards, Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor, a soul- funk- jazz musical artist and member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe took home two Top Nominee medals and an offer from Donald Blackfox to join the Spirit Wind Records family of traditional and contemporary Native American recording artists.

Mwalim, a veteran songwriter, producer, session and touring musician has been recording and releasing albums on his own LMMGM label since 1990, interrupted by a stint at a major la

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In January of this year the National Newspaper Publishers Association, the HBCU, and the Black Fraternities and Sororities (also known as the Divine 9) and other Black organizations held an emergency press conference in reference to the tragic beating death of Robert Champion Jr., by members of the marching band in some sort of bizarre hazing ritual. 
It was just announced that the President of the University has resigned (been fired?) from his post; and the band has been
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Gloria DulanWilson Blog
Eclectically Black News for Eclectic Black People VIP/Views.Interests.Perspectives
by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All: I just received an email in reference to the January 17 press conference convened by the National Newspaper Publishers Assn.(NNPA), Black Church, and Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Leaders to Announce A New Anti-Hazing Initiative. The conference should be broadcast nationally.

If you can make it, it would be a good idea to be in attendance

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3828532599?profile=originalDeciding if and when to go to college is one of the first major life choices you must make when you graduate from high school.  Before you invest 4 years of time and a whole lot of money you need to know what constitutes a successful outcome after getting your degree.  The following simple chart shows two life paths:

A) Going to college for 4 years;

B) Working for 4 years

Your success is based on what you learn during those 4 years, how much debt or savings you accumulate, and what your job prospec

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by LilaRobinson

Free Sara Kruzan~ Tonight we will talk with Guest Kim-Deanne and Sara's Aunt Anne about the Shocking Truth about human trafficking, Domestic Violence and Prostitution that led a young child to kill her Pimp. Help Free Sara

Listen to internet radio with LilaRobinson on Blog Talk Radio
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The No Cussing Club gets $5,000.00 to speak at a Mobile, Al school on Valentines Day 2011!!


What's sad is that the school officials were UNAWARE OF THE ORGINIAL FOUNDERS "THE STOP CUSSIN CAMPAIGN"


Read the full article at !!!







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