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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      Time again for a few thoughts from my ‘All American Trick Bag’; dedicated to bringing forth some historical items of note from the P-School Ranger era—that era of history BEFORE ‘Old School’.  You might want to bring along your smelling salts, as these were items that happened outside of your classroom.

      *Do you want to know why the Conservative Vice Lords—back in the sixties and seventies—had such a rough time in Chicago?  Well, during the r

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YOU should join if…:

  • You are still ‘Black-and-Proud,’ and still ‘Say it Loud!’You still love Black people, and love yourself being Black;
  • You are a black male who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Man;
  • You are a black female who understands the gender role of a responsible Black Woman;
  • You are a black senior citizen who is “sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired!”
  • You are a black senior citizen who is fed-up with having…“been down so long, that gettin’ up
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If we are to win Black Power in MertoEast in Saint Louis, Missouri, we must deal with the issue of crime there. I have decided to go for it. I need your feedback and input. I think this is the right approach is for no other reason that it is unavoidable. Every time I deal with Brooklyn or Washington Park, I am confronted with corruption and prostitution. I have concluded that prostitution is at the root of nearly all of our social problems in the African community, out of wedlock childb

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                                                              From The Ramparts

                                             Junious Ricardo Stanton

                       International Bankers Are the Blame For the US Financial Implosion


“The latest stage in the bankruptcy hearings has highlighted the role of the banks in wrecking municipal and family finances across the country. Detroit had one of the highest percentages of subprime loans—many from Countrywide, which was taken over by Bank of Am

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Class Warfare in Detroit

                                                               From The Ramparts

                                                              Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                                Class Warfare in Detroit


“As part of the bankruptcy process officials hope to enact significant cuts to the benefits of 21,000 retired public employees. For perspective, the average public pension beneficiary in Detroit gets about $19,000 per year, and most aren’t eligible for Social Se

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August 27th Press Conference & Protest at Apple Inc. Retail Store in Palo Alto, CA 



Undermining America's Economic Infrastructure



On August 27th, the Black Economic Council (BEC) will lead a protest at the Apple Computer Retail Store in Palo Alto, CA. located at 451 University Ave. The protest will begin sharply at 11:45 AM.


This is follow-on to the event held June 10th, 2011, when the BEC and other minority leaders h

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A Bad Joint

August 4, 2011


Raynard Jackson


The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies used to be one of the preeminent think tanks in Washington, DC.  They focus on issues of particular concern to the Black community.


Over the years I have participated in or hosted panels with them that were very substantive and informative.  They were a think tank in its truest form---there to provide unbiased analysis, not to promote and agenda!


Unfortunately, those days are gone.  They no longer have the standin

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The D Word

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonThe D Word“At the root of the banks’ problems are the large losses they have undoubtedly taken on their securities and loan portfolios. But they don’t want to recognize the full extent of their losses, because that would likely expose them as insolvent. So they talk down the problem, and ask for handouts that aren’t enough to make them healthy (again, they can’t reveal the size of the handouts that would be necessary for that), but are enough to keep them
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Enough of This Bipartisanship Nonsense started to laugh when I heard that Michael Steele was selected as the first African American to chair the Republican National Committee. I don’t think much of the “new” Republican Party, but then again, that doesn’t prevent me from writing about it.But don’t get me wrong, I think that the former Maryland lieutenant governor was the best person available for the job. Then again, given the paucity of talent in that once venerabl
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Class Warfare-Behind The Veil

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonClass Warfare- Behind The Veil“ Current financial crises are cabal-planned-and-executed terrorist ‘false-flag’ attacks on American workers: an operation in which a nation attacks itself but makes it appear that an enemy has committed the attack, provoking peace-loving people into fighting against the demonized ‘enemy.’ In the present situation, the ‘enemy’ is said to be ‘happenstance,’ as though current economic crises are merely accidental in nature--when
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