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"Common Sense is Ruining Relationships"

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, it is with great pleasure that today I will be bringing to justice a serial killer that we've all come to know and trust named "Common Sense."  For years common sense has been unconsciously destroying/killing relationships and marriages.  It is common sense that keeps individuals from effectively communicating because they assume that their thoughts are "common," causing them not to explain why they do the things they do, or how they come to the conclusions that

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The Manhood Line by Mike Ramey

MEMO: THE RAMEY RULEBY MIKE RAMEYI wanted to give a solid ‘shout out’ to those warriors who have volunteered to contend with young men on a regular basis about their sagging pants. Of course, I am still amazed of the longevity of this rather ‘brief’ matter--but I digress!I’ve seen some rather interesting battles and discussions between adults and teens about the need for keep pants pulled up to regulation level. I’ve heard of adults shouting at teens, and teens shouting back at adults over ‘my r
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