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The Rivers State All Progressives Congress Caretaker Committee says the party’s attention has been drawn to reactions in the media credited to Hon. Elemchukwu Ogbowu who served as a one - time member of the Rivers State House of Assembly.


Hon. Ogbowu, in his reaction is quoted as saying that his name was included among members of the statutory members who set aside the sole administratorship model that Hon Igo Aguma who obtained leadership through a legal tussle was bent on hoisting on the River

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The Ramey Commentaries by Mike Ramey

‘Cancel’ an employer? Forget getting a job that is worth anything in the near future. Employers--even cancelled ones--have long memories, and even longer connections to other employers. They will have no sympathy for you when it comes to finding another job. Written recommendations? Forget them. Clearing security checks? Forget that too. Plus, their lawyers and investigators…once they find you? They will feast upon your financial bones for a GOOD, long time!
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JUNE 21, 2020



Rayshard Brooks

Racial inequities and Repression of Blacks are Pervasive

In ALL White Supremacist Nations.


will manifest Genuine FREEDOM for Descendants of Slaves.


Brooks words are so true, but they leave out all the disparities, suffering, and affliction of Blacks who are held

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The Ramey Commentaries by Mike Ramey

The rent-a-mob has gotten what they wanted. Unfortunately, they are only weeks away from not being satisfied with what they got. At the bottom line, when you call 9-1-1, a social worker or youth program is not going to protect you, your family or your business. It’s that Blue Knight who will be risking their life to keep you safe…IF your city still has a police department, fully funded.
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“Two men, one from the US, George Floyd; Another Cuban, Silverio Portal, both are victims of abuse of power and discrimination. Floyd was killed by racist police; Portal lost vision in one eye after a beating in prison, he suffers political discrimination. Why can Cubans speak fluently about racism in the United States and clearly criticize the US judicial system? Because there is an acknowledgment in that country that there is a problem. Why can’t Cubans see clearly the injustice committe
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Is Not Black Too

Joe Biden is catching unwarranted criticism for saying that “, A black who voted for Trump is not a black”. Thank you, Biden! I could not say it better myself. As a matter of fact , a black who criticizes that statement is not a black too. I think it is an excellent metaphor.

Let’s face it:

  • A Jew that would vote for Hitler is not a Jew.
  • A Latino who would vote for Trump is not a Latino.
  • A Mexican-American who would vote for Trump is not a Mexican-American
  • A Muslim who would vote for Trump is not a Mu
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The UN is Trump's Ultimate Target

I’m wise to Trump.  Megalomaniac Trump’s ultimate target is the UN. One of the first things he did when he came to office was to dismantle the Iran treaty. All the other signatories, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China—plus Germany) and the European Union did not support Trump’s  action. The sanctions have driven Iran's economy into severe recession, with oil exports largely stopping, major foreign companies pulling out to avoid US penalties and the value of the local currency plummeti

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…. Says the senate is indirectly raising objections to the forensic audit 

An accountability advocacy group, the Citizens Quest for Truth Initiative has reiterate her surprise at what the group termed “unusual interest” of the National Assembly in the tenure of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), as expressed in her last press release. 

According to the group, “Citizens Quest, as an accountability advocacy group, would have ordinarily welcomed t

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Trump's Secret Plan


Now Trump has tried almost everything to stop immigrants from coming here. There was the Muslim ban.  separating immigrant children in ICE detention from their parents, smearing Mexicans as rapists, insulting other Latinex  as criminals and terrorists, describing their places of  origin as “shithole countries”, and of course the wall, the wall, the famous wall. But, he has an even more diabolical scheme underway and the beauty  is that no one is even aware of it. .It is so cleverly disguised t

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Mr. Tamunotonye Lily has emerged the winner of the April edition of the “Help a Smartworker” competition, organized by a political pressure group, the Princewill’s Political Associates.

Set up just specially for entrepreneurs, youths and Rivers residents who are engaged in micro business ventures and all forms of smart work in Rivers State, it is the brainchild of PPA leaders and is a mirror programme to its popular sister Organisation, the Princewills Trust the sponsors of the Help a Hardworker

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Tell It Like It Is

True journalism has a responsibility to report the news. It abrogates its  duty if it deliberately ignores certain news because it might anger a particular party. Too often journalists omit the transgressions of a particular party because they are unable to find transgressions by the other party. If one party commits horrible transgressions, these deserve to be exposed. It is not a bias to expose such . For example, if the Republican party commits transgressions against blacks, it is the duty of

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It's Not Kool-Aid This Time

It’s not Kool-Aid This Time

One of the most infamous cult leaders was Jim Jones. The faithful loyal followers of his cult would do anything he said. They were so loyal that he could shoot an individual on a widely trafficked New York City street and not "lose one follower". Such is the nature of a cult. However, this time the Trump Republican cult will not have them swallow Kool-Aid. Their fanatical leader, Trump, will have then swallow Lysol. Drink up.

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By Richard Brody  | You can't have it both - ways, nor should you be allowed to! Isn't it amazing, that so many of the people, who want to restrict other people's freedoms, when it opposes their perspective/ point - of - view, such as, regarding Women's Rights, or opposing protests, etc, use this rhetoric, to justify, their insistence, on prematurely, opening up this nation, which has been closed, for public health reasons? When so many have been inflicted, and tens of thousands in this country,

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An Elder MUST Teach by Mike Ramey


The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head.

Crises rise and fall, coming into range fast--and disappearing just as fast. Music may change. Fashions may change. Waistlines and hair colors will change. But, the truth…that will never change. One other thing that will never change…a young person without guidance from an older person won’t make it very far in ANY society.

It has been quite interesting to have such a blessed career

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On Line Reviews by Mike Ramey


While many Americans will agree that our nation has a rich, deep and interesting history, few--outside of patriots, politicians and history buffs--understand how great our history has become in under 300 years. Enter Hatherleigh Press with the book: “The Handbook For Americans: The Essential Reference For Citizens Of The United States Of America (2018, 303 pages, Hatherleigh Press).”

One of the beauties of this book is that it is in a compact form. Easy to carry, which makes it great for the stu

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On Line Reviews by Mike Ramey


“The tiger pretends to be a vegetarian”
--Author Gerd de Ley
The Book of Chinese Proverbs

With all of the attention being paid to China these days, understanding of some of the proverbs which govern this nation could be considered a gold mine to some. Enter Gerd de Ley, one of the favorite modern authors on the subject of proverbs used around the world with his work: “The Book of Chinese Proverbs: A Collection of Timeless Wisdom, Wit, Sayings & Advice (2019, 307 pages, Hatherleigh Press).”

The work

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Trump’s Racism Goes International

Trump’s racism is not limited to America, but is a menace to the world.

Traditionally, Venezuela, like most Latin American countries , have been ruled by white elites, despite the variety of races in the country. The late President  Hugo Chavez disrupted that.  He was the first Venezuelan leader to embrace his Afro-indigenous heritage, His successor Maduro also did not come from white elites, with his indigenous roots. Throughout Latin America, the US has typically sided with the white ruling cl

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Reaction has trailed Governor Wike’s move to set up task force on borders which is aimed at checkmating the Covid-19 pandemic from spreading in Rivers State.


A chieftain and former All Progressives Congress Spokesman, Chris Finebone in a short statement made available to journalists with the caption “Reaction to Setting up of Task Force on Borders by Gov. Nyesom Wike”, stated that, “It will be another misstep on the part of the governor to embark on such dangerously ignorant line of action. More

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Anatomy of A Racist

Blacks in the US,  compared to whites,  have worse education, higher unemployment, lower wages and  life expectancy, inferior housing, healthcare, and so on. Besides, there has been an increase in racism led by the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. What do these racists want? Using history as a guide, these racists probably  want some or all of the following:

  • Continuation of police brutality
  • Discrimination in the workplace in hiring and promotions
  • Continued voter suppression
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