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      I happened to be checking out the national news one evening, when I heard an item concerning a letter written to America in 2002 by of all people—the late Osama Bin Laden.  His letter reminded me of a letter written to America hundreds of years ago by the late William Lynch.  The ‘uproar’ over the Bin Laden letter made me laugh because a generation of Caucasian youth are supposedly swallowing the ‘lies’ contained in the Bin Laden letter as ‘truth’—and olde

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Why Do Black Women Hate Black Women?

The title of this video is "Why Do Black Women Hate Black Men?"
This video is a bit of departure from my usual uploads.  It's a bit raw and uncut.  A few days, I awakened from sleep and this question was piercing my awareness. "You are not married, why is that? Do you hate Black men?

I must say I was taken aback by this thought appearing in my awareness.  In fact it troubled me that anyone would think such a thing.

Typically, I am very meticulous about how I c
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Moving%2Bfrom%2Bthe%2BPlantation.png?width=320Reposted from January 1, 2012 

"Moving From The Plantation To The Chur-Chation. Modern Day Religious Slavery and Its Devastation." by Mansa Musa 

Find original here: 

Before I start this rant, I want to pay a special thanks to my guardian spirit for opening my eyes to the knowledge and wisdom that I am about to share with everyone here. What was revealed to me is not a vision or a revelation, but just the way to see things from a different prospective. All the information was already here and avai

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The Hidden Hand Behind Mega Churches


The title of this video/blog is "The Hidden Hand Behind Mega Churches."
Mega churches for the most part are a huge money enterprise/ business.  Founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard said in 1948 that “You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, start a religion.”
It certainly is a phenomenon and much more common today than in the past. Up until now, the Catholic Church with its many diocese and archdiocese around the globe seem
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NB Commentary,
Great article, great research and looming question. Why have there been more mass shootings under Obama than the other four previous presidents combined?

We live in a world of short-term memories and long-term memory deficiencies. If the 24-hour news cycle was any indication, Americans appear to be bouncing from one catastrophic mass shooting to the next, with hardly any breathing
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Down with wolf, Reynard & fox

intro:In this darkness, I'm thinking about a bright lambto come and graze the grass of my fatigueVerse1:When the Rancher came, a twilight of religionsWas in the Midst of knobs of his shirt, in our visionsHe weaved a window of mind from the Hay of old signsBut he could led no arm toward muscles of paradiseChorus:We were drunk in the moments of awakeningOur mind was like mutton, we were just ruminatingOur leader was a rancher & he took care of usWe were saying: "Down with wolf, Reynard & fox"Verse
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Independence Day

July 4, 2012                   

Raynard Jackson

As we celebrate Independence Day here in the US, I wonder when the Black community is going to learn the true meaning of this day when it comes to politics.

Independence Day, or Fourth of July, is about freedom to think, be, imagine and to live.  In the U.S., July 4, 1776 was the day we celebrate our freedom from Great Britain.  Even though the adoption of the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2, 1776, it is celebrated on the 4th.

Our desi

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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson

You know, I used to watch the Today Show religiously every morning before going to work – but then there was something to watch – Bryant Gumble was the host and he made it come alive for me and my children. In fact, they grew up on the Today Show, and learned a great deal during those days.

I even continued to watch when they brought on Katy Couric. But, truth be told, when Bryant Gumble left, so did I. I haven't checked in to the show since then, unless there was an announ
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My Photo
by Gloria Dulan-Wilson.

   The BookExpo America at the Javits Center will have will be the sight of a gala reception as Amber Communications Group Inc (ACGI) hosts a special "Welcome to BookExpo America Michael Baisden" Reception and Booksigning.

Baisden, the internationally renowned author, radio and TV talk show personality, along with Zane and the Strebor Books Legacy, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, on Wednesday, June 6, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. The center of attraction w
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In Memory Of Big Pun

Big Pun, check the blog

Just wanted to give a moment of silence for

one of the greats out of the Bronx "Big Pun".

Your never dead as long as you live in our thoughts.

Its been 12 years since Feb 6. R. I. P




l.jpg?width=200Bad Bitch can be declared as a classy woman. A lady who loves money and watches the style of clothes she wear. Loves to take good care of herself, smells good, and loves lots of purses. This song with rap artist Gansta Marcus and Free-Doe I felt real defined the definition and point I was trying to make.
Bad Bitch F

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Cameroon is at the Crossroadof West and Central Africa. Travelling through Cameroon is like discoverying all the African continent. She streches from her southern flank which faces the Atlantic Ocean through the Gulf of Guinea right to Lake Chad. Cameroon is a melting pot of people and civilizations and possesses a diversified range of tourist attractions. It should be said that Cameroon is naturally endowed in this regard from the white or black sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast, the thick ra
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According to O'Guin, Allen and Semenik in their book Advertising and Intergrated Brand Promotion, the new world of advertising is full of companies who are looking for new ways to get their brand across to audience and potential consumers. In this seemingly ad cluttered environment, small businesses are caught in the struggle between big corporation on how to make their brand visible and recognizable, send out culturally relevant in a refreshing way and become top-on-the-minds of audience and po
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“Instead of Waiting On The World To Change just open your eyes and see the truth"
 Educate yourselves about what is really going on, and avoid the trap that so many have fallen so deeply into.

During the 1960’s Black revolutionaries such as Malcolm X and Stokley Carmichael were most often revered as heroes of the black community.  Today we often find that such like minded Blacks that are culturally conscious (Afro-centric/ Black Revolutionary types) are often misunderstood or underappreciated by t

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Many African Americans now holds the opinion that in the face of greater gained opportunities that many within their race became their own worst enemies. It is not uncommon to hear these negative sentiments about their own race now echoed by many African Americans themselves—they that consider themselves as being exceptions to this norm. This perception often engenders profound feelings of immense humiliati

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Hurricane Katrina is Yo Mama!

IF THAT'S THE ONLY WAY to get Americans to rouse from their stupification, look at her again and own her, then I will say it--I will shout it far and wide from the flooded American rooftops and from the polluted shores of the sea of oil floating on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico that CNN is not showing us on TV. I shout it out: Hurricane Katrina is yo Mama.

Do you see the family resemblance? Hurricane Katrina was not some strange alien event on some other planet, like planet Hollywood, planet
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Not every conspiracy is a theory; Black people are being mass manipulated.

"Just because truth has been omitted, does not mean that truth is not true. Just because reality has not been perceived, does not mean that it is not real”.

Stan Moore,

Since 2007 I have been unrelentingly engaged in the dissemination of information asserting that as a means of maintaining its white dominance and control, the US government has been using perception management techniques against its Black population. It is

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The US government’s intelligence divisions have developed advances in the studies of behavioral psychology that have given them much more control over its population. It initially used these advancements to develop psychological warfare programs used to manipulate foreign populations, but it was eventually decided that this same method of psychological warfare could be used domestically as a tool to manipulate public opinion.
Today to control and produce uniformity among the masses, the U.S. gov

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The March 2010 CDC report stated that nearly half of black women in the U.S. carried the Herpes virus. Here's why those statistics and others like them may be misleading.

The March 2010 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sited startling high levels of the genital herpes virus among African American woman. The report found that 48 percent of African-American women have been exposed to the virus that causes genital herpes. The report gave many African Americans the al

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Many African Americans now holds the opinion that in the face of greater gained opportunities that many within their race became their own worst enemies. It is a perception that often engenders profound feelings of immense humiliation, racial self contempt, and disunity among many African Americans in the 21st-century. But are these depictions and self perception of African Americans correct?
Scores of African Americans now shar

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I'm Fighting for Whitey!

Strange juxtapositions and odd outcomes are common, and they are not really all that odd, for history is "Koo - koo crazy" as Frank Sinatra used to say.So if Condoleezza Rice's face on a Nazi Wehrmacht poster seems at first to be odd, well, Brothers and Sisters, it ain't odd at all when one takes history into account. I teach part time at Wayne County Community College in Detroit, and sitting last week in my little cubical at the college, the downtown campus, in the faculty office, tapping away
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