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Is Unemployment Hurting You…and the Ones You Love?


This new book details a young man’s search for employment when no one was hiring and how the ingenuity of his grandmother helped him to get a job.  It is also a key that unlocks the door to information and inspiration regarding sacrifice, saving, self-pay and do-for-self suggestions to getting employed. 



What people are saying about this book . . . 


“Challenging times call for critical thinking and strategic planning. “The KEY” is a true story b

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The Manhood Line by Mike Ramey

MEMO: THE RAMEY RULEBY MIKE RAMEYI wanted to give a solid ‘shout out’ to those warriors who have volunteered to contend with young men on a regular basis about their sagging pants. Of course, I am still amazed of the longevity of this rather ‘brief’ matter--but I digress!I’ve seen some rather interesting battles and discussions between adults and teens about the need for keep pants pulled up to regulation level. I’ve heard of adults shouting at teens, and teens shouting back at adults over ‘my r
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