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An Elder Must Teach! (TM) By Mike Ramey


     I recently ran into a young brother who had brought an interesting problem my way, which provided yet another opportunity for me to teach!  As we were talking about business building and Black economic success, he seemed a little frustrated in the fact that he could not find any books written by African Americans on business success.


     You know me.  Once the opportunity to share wisdom which I had been blessed to gather over the years, I was ready for ser

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product_thumbnail.php?productId=23053506&resolution=320&width=560These are collections of African Fables and Moonlight stories which, in the past, parents and grand-parents tell to children. They formed part of the moral education of the children. Before the advent of the Internet, Computer Games and Television, families gathered after the evening meal, especially when the moon is up and shining, and people take turn to tell stories, and invite children to tell what lessons they have learned. It is hoped that these stories will help in the so-much desired cul

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Britannia’s Children by Norman Samuda Smith


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Norman Samuda Smith’s BRITANNIA’S CHILDREN 

© 2015 Beresford Callum   

‘If you haven’t purchased and read BRITANNIA’S CHILDREN by Norman Samuda Smith, here are my reasons why you should…’ 

An anthology of short stories which together not only represents a time capsule of black British youth experiences between the 1960s and possibly the late 1970s, Britannia’s Children by Norman Samuda Smith (2013), is also an organic record of the

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It's Sunday Morning, July 1, 2012, and I've just watched Joel Osteen on TV and am preparing to watch his online services, as well.  So I'm in a pretty receptive mood.  While waiting for the program to begin ( /watch online), I'm browsing my emails, and the first one to pop up is  "Hue-Man Bookstore Event" from Marva Allen.  Just under the banner is the headline "Time for a ch
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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson.

   The BookExpo America at the Javits Center will have will be the sight of a gala reception as Amber Communications Group Inc (ACGI) hosts a special "Welcome to BookExpo America Michael Baisden" Reception and Booksigning.

Baisden, the internationally renowned author, radio and TV talk show personality, along with Zane and the Strebor Books Legacy, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, on Wednesday, June 6, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. The center of attraction w
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For teenagers and young adults coming up in today’s hip hop generation, You Got Next is a must read! It deals with the teen related subjects of drugs, sex, peer pressure, goals and dreams, faith, surviving the streets and more! When it comes to surviving the potholes and obstacles of the streets and growing up as an African American teenager, Kamal Imani knows what’s up and brings it to you with real talk!This is the perfect book to get the conversation started or to get you reflecting on your o
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