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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      Interesting fact that has escaped ‘lifelong, hard-core’ Democrats during our recent social upheavals in Democrat-run cities: “Where are your children and grandchildren going to go in order to get their first job?”  Please allow me to take a brief trip down memory lane to outline what jobs have either disappeared for teens, or—thanks to liberals—have gone the way of manual typewriters.

      Time was that a young man (or a young lady) could get a job as a newspaper c

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447500?max=400Author, Activist and Conscious Commerce Expert Maggie Anderson announces her latest venture  The website, built by iSwop Networks is an empowerment resource for consumers whose habits, attitudes, and moral compass drive a duty and desire for buying from Black-owned businesses; and all institutions committed to supporting economic growth in the Black community. Maggie is best known for her family's history-making and highly publicized stand and economic experiment to live off Bla

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BlackWomansRoadmaptoSuccess-1.pngEntrepreneurship is the vehicle which will allow African-American women to become financially solvent.

Atlanta business woman announces the birth of e-Black Women Network™ – a network designed specifically for African-American women who:

· Want to start a business and need guidance starting the business.
· Own a business but wants to increase her business’ visibility by learning effective marketing strategies.
· Who want to start a business but are unsure of what business to start.

Businesses owned

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