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The Manhood Line: The Gold Files By Mike Ramey

A man must make the effort to prepare himself; INVEST the time, talent and sweat needed to build yourself that career or relationship you are seeking and to build yourself to face the time in history which you are challenging.  An unprepared man is sure to become a casualty in the arena of life.  God favors the man who not only walks with Him but takes the time to grow under the training of the men whom He has sent their way.
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An Open Letter to BLACK MEN

In the Divine Names of TRUTH, ORDER & in HARMONY with ALL of our RIGHTEOUS Elders & Ancestors, I greet you in PEACE. Brothers, we are currently existing in an artificial reality where it is Common practice & Acceptable to Disrespect Black Women, Black Family Life, Culture & Community; in public and private. As Black MEN; not the misguided black MALE, grown up juvenile delinquent mentality & behavior; But Righteous and Responsible Black MEN. It is our DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY & R
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After my father's death I wrote a book title 'My Father Said"  It is a collection of many of the life lesson, traditions and beliefs my father shared with me.  You are about to read a letter from the book at the end of your life journey what would your son write about you?


When I was old enough to understand the logic that motivated my father, I realized how much he loved me.

My father never spoke the words, “I love you”, but every day my father told me: “I love you.” My father loved me enough to

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