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The Ramey Commentaries (TM) By Mike Ramey




          In the early 2000s, I served as a Probation Officer for my county Juvenile Court. One of the issues that I regularly ran into was teen suicide.  Those teens involved in gang activity were especially at risk.  Probation Officers received updated training in this area—especially those of us who carried high risk caseloads.  Training was expanded to detention staff, social workers, and others who were involved in the field of juvenile justice.  Signs that

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 My second book in the "Leave the Rat Race to the Rats" trilogy has been released. It is titled "Tackling Crime and Policing in the Ghetto with Goodwillism". The final book in the trilogy, "Overcoming Political Impotence in the Ghetto with Goodwillism" will be released soon.


About the Book
"Tackling Crime and Policing in the Ghetto with Goodwillism"
The greed and the ruthlessness of the dehumanizing money-chasing rat race culture serve as a catalyst for crime. Crime is a major factor for the mise

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You're introduced to the illegal hustle
by a demon who don't trust you
just pimpin you
ready to bust some lead in your temple
If you don't follow out the commands of initiation
Do you know where your going to?
In this dark situation?
and across the nation
innocent black boys and girls are getting shot now
we're an endagered species - it's gotta stop now.

Your no criminal - Look in the mirror your a miracle

Don't let the external burn you
it's just an illusion
no body gets out
the streets. Its a we

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