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     Before we get into the last part of this series, I wanted to inject a few things which surfaced before I made the decision of putting this column to bed and shipping it out.

     I happened to have a conversation with a veteran Minister whom I have a lot of respect.  His attitude towards Ministers and regular Christians being involved in politics?  Not very supportive.  He believes that Christians in general, and Ministers (Pastors included) should stay out of the political arena.  Yes, we

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Chris-Thompson_2048419.jpgBy Chris Thompson | For leaders to succeed, they must have a vision. Visionary leaders must have the ability to envision their desired future and have the capability to take action in order to execute what they have planned within their home business blueprint. Leaders who do not have a vision are incapable of bringing development to themselves or provide business coaching to those surrounding them. Visionary leaders know the best time to sit back and wait instead of making spontaneous, hasty de

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Ferguson, Missouri - One Year Later



Ferguson, Missouri - One Year Later

by Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO of The Quiet Resolution, TQR, Inc.


A clear example of Black Leadership Failure at every level one year later after the murder of Michael Brown.  From The White House of President Obama and his Administration to Black Mayors, Black Preachers and Black Organizations, who have done nothing to address the "Apartheid-like" conditions under which Black African Americans live in America in 2015.

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The Manhood Line by Mike Ramey



While the Depression-that-no-one-wants-to-admit-we-are-in continues, the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. Schools across the land are getting hammered with firings, layoffs and a variety of hiring and pay freezes. Not just the ‘great’ schools but ALL schools--whether they be private, parochial, public or charter.

And the teachers said: “AMEN”.

However--left out of the discussion is the fact that a lot of school WASTE has been exposed to

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Youth Leadership & Personal Development/Life Skills Training Project "Changing Attitudes; Increasing Aptitudes ...Elevating Altitudes" Operation Shoestring and Kuumba Promos has collaborated to facilitate a bi-weekly Saturday Seminar Series for youth leadership and personal development called Leadership/Personal Development and Life Skills w/OPS-KP. The seminar series is intended to introduce leadership skills and life management skills to Jackson area youth to build their capable for community
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Youth Leadership Training Project

Press ReleaseFor Immediate Use: 28 September 2009Contact: Ada Robinson 601.353.3663Brotha Lukata 601.957.2969RE: Youth Leadership & Personal Development/Life Skills Training Project“Changing Attitudes; Increasing Aptitudes ...Elevating Altitudes”LPD-LS w/OPS-KP(Leadership & Personal Development-Life Skills with Operation Shoestring & Kuumba Promos)Operation Shoestring and Kuumba Promos has collaborated to facilitate a bi-weekly Saturday Seminar Series for youth leadership and personal developmen
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