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A True Blackman
Robert Acemendeces Harris


If, as the new saying goes, "truth is [really] on its way" then, perhaps, Black People can finally also be back on their way. Which way? The way out of all of the confusion, contradictions and cultural degeneration that has retarded the liberation of our people these last few years. 

Truth is not an abstract, it refers to sincerity, honesty, conformity to fact, correctness, exactitude, et cetera. Carlos Cooks was truth personified.

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7/21/2008 Mganga (Rev.) P.D. Menelik Harris 404-527-7756 Pan African Priest Urges Building of African Pilgrimage Centers At his 84th birthday feast and forum, Reverend Dr. Ndugu T’Ofori-Atta called for faith leaders to pull together to spearhead the building of Pan African Pilgrimage centers in Africa and the African Diaspora to commemorate our Ancestors, especially those Africans perished in the holocaust of enslavement, within the last 500 years. During his pointed message
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