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     Here’s my opening quote for our time together: “Politics will improve before the American public, as more and more honorable and upright men fill the ranks of public servants.” I trust that I have given an upright man the inspiration to step into the ring, and run for public office.

     Your fellow citizens need you…especially in these last days.

     One of the best pieces of advice I got in terms of living the Christian life in a fallen society came from the late Pastor E. V. Hill. In one

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    A true story to lead off in our batting cage warm-up session.

    A young man, out for his first political office, won the primary and defeated his challenger from within his party by a two-to-one margin. He was looking forward to taking a few weeks off and resting up for the campaign trail to the general election in November. Life--and his party--had other plans. The incumbent of his party that held the seat he was campaigning for suddenly resigned, and vacated the seat.
Remember how I menti

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Public Relations, Event Management and Business Consulting Leader Sets Sights on Atlanta’s Faith-Based Market and Growing Community of Startups


ATLANTA, Ga. – ThinkZILLA Consulting, a fast-growing public relations, corporate event management and business consulting firm headquartered in Houston, announced today its expansion with the opening of a new Atlanta office. Led by founder and chief executive officer Velma Trayham, the company aims to help Atlanta area faith-based organizations, start-up

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The gun and ship of enslavement

The gun and ship of enslavement["Like a machine it transformed the lives of Africans and Europeans alike. Europeans came to America freely with a design of a new way of life in their hearts and minds." Africans were kidnapped and shipped in chains with their life design already made, in the hearts and minds of Europeans. So terrifying was this technology that it forced Africans to worship Christianity/Jesus Christ."]The ruling classes of Western Europe were able to conquer the world between 1400
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