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From Player To Coach by Mike Ramey

     A few years back, Ty Willingham, Head Coach for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, was interviewed about a tough, upcoming game. The TV interviewer seemed more nervous about the game than the coach, as they asked Willingham about his strategy to deal with a very potent opponent’s running and passing game.

     “We’ll adjust our offense, accordingly.” Said Coach Willingham.

     The adjustments paid off, as Notre Dame ran over the opposition with little sign of trouble. It was the OTHER team th

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Chris-Thompson_2048419.jpgBy Chris Thompson | For leaders to succeed, they must have a vision. Visionary leaders must have the ability to envision their desired future and have the capability to take action in order to execute what they have planned within their home business blueprint. Leaders who do not have a vision are incapable of bringing development to themselves or provide business coaching to those surrounding them. Visionary leaders know the best time to sit back and wait instead of making spontaneous, hasty de

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