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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      Got a LOT of great responses to the first part of this set.  I wanted to keep it rolling with some of the ‘clips’ from the cutting room floor.  Just remember, to start off each graph with ‘Ain’t It Funny That…

      *…more and more well-known corporations are going broke changing their products into billboards for the alphabet mafia and are shocked, SHOCKED that the American public aren’t buying into their propaganda…

      *…more young men are opting out of going

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FiO Baby - Lost in Time [Mixtape]

Hosted By: FiO Baby

FiO Baby - Lost in Time


Hailing from the suburban streets of Long Island, New York comes a 23 year old Italian-American rapper professionally known as FiO Baby. With his use of deep, dark, fun, witty, and love hungry emotional rhymes FiO has been able to capture the ears of many. FiO first created a buzz for himself at Adelphi University where he attended school and was awarded $500.00 for winning a show hosted by C.A.L.I.B.E.R. This buzz rapidly grew gaining the att

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Egypt a Beautiful Country to Visit

Egypt is a very beautiful country and is located in the north east of Africa. It is a very famous tourist’s destination for the visitors to spend holidays in a very special way. This beautiful country is famous throughput the world for it stunning and colossal ancient monuments which compel the tourists to travel to this charming land. The beauty and the splendor of this charming land have always astonished the tourists and the visitors who come to Egypt to spend holidays from every corner of th

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