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3828591073?profile=originalUnder the motto " For Quality Education Towards Human Development ", classes began today in Mozambique, the 2017 academic year for general and vocational primary and secondary education, and then for higher education. The first day of classes is a particularly important time for students and caregivers, especially for those boys who go to school for the first time.

Already since the early days of 2017, there have been some concerns about the shortage of teachers to meet the demand, the lack of ed

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Because Ruport Murdoch, the mouth piece of the Rothchild World Thug Network, is attacking Islam though it's rag, the Wall Street Journal. They'll use religion and public funds... but it's far more of not being in control of the school's people.Read on...


Charter Schools Shouldn't Promote Islam

By KATHERINE KERSTEN June 14, 2008; Page A9MinneapolisAt what point does a publicly funded charter school with strong Islamic ties cross the line and inappropriately promote religion?That's a qu
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