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 My second book in the "Leave the Rat Race to the Rats" trilogy has been released. It is titled "Tackling Crime and Policing in the Ghetto with Goodwillism". The final book in the trilogy, "Overcoming Political Impotence in the Ghetto with Goodwillism" will be released soon.


About the Book
"Tackling Crime and Policing in the Ghetto with Goodwillism"
The greed and the ruthlessness of the dehumanizing money-chasing rat race culture serve as a catalyst for crime. Crime is a major factor for the mise

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Beyonce%2Band%2Bher%2Bgang%2B2-2016.jpg?width=320Beyonce and her Girl Gang

NB Commentary: I enter this discussion kicking and screaming and swearing to myself that I am not, and I mean, am not gonna fall prey to the hype. But today, I had to come forth with another blog post.  I was compelled by the comments under many of the pictures posted of her and her girl gang at the Super Bowl and how some folks were actually seeing it as a Powerful Movement, a statement about Black Power, a high five to Malcolm X, and the insane indicators of it being a

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2016 Trends and Predictions

                                                      From The Ramparts

                                                 Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                               2016 Trends and Predictions


            As I have observed and stated on numerous occasions, human beings are creatures of habit and once you discern their proclivities, patterns, customs, folkways and traditions  etc. you can accurately predict their current and future behavior. If we watch what pe

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May 15, 2013—A judge in New York throws out the charges against a cop who gunned down 18-year-old Ramarley Graham in his own home while his grandmother and six-year-old brother look on in horror. The judge found that prosecutors had erred in their instructions to the grand jury that issued the indictment against this killer cop.

June 18, 2013—A mistrial is declared in the case of the Detroit cop who killed seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones. Despi

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January 12,2011, Philadelphia, PA– The People’s Tribunal Against Police Brutality and Misconduct will be convened amidst a whirlwind of public debate, legal battles and community protest sparked by the upsurge in police brutality.This independent community legal proceeding is being initiated by the Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality (ACAPB) and will be convenedon Saturday, January 15that 11:00 am. Its organizers insist that it is not a “mock trial,” the tribunal will gather testimony from
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I AM SEAN BELL...Black Boys Speak

Please check out Sis. Muhammad's fantastic work, it will be among themost moving 10 1/2 mins. you'll spend in 2009! Forward Ever!======I AM SEAN BELL, Black Boys Speak!WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: TO WILDSEED STUDIOSA Short Form Documentary from Wildseed FilmsDirected by Stacey MuhammadAsst. Directed by Shomari MasonEdited by: Stacey Muhammad & R.H. BlessPrincipal Photography: May 17, 2008Brooklyn, NYRunning Time 10:30On November 25, 2006, undercover NYPD officers fi
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