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Sexual Harassment: Who is the Villain?

Women must stop portraying themselves as perpetual victims. As an African American woman, I have been more oppressed by women than men. So, women, stop the sanctimonious attitude!

This essay is commentary on the recent revelations and accusations of sexual harassment, rape, and pedophilia committed by powerful men.  It attempts to put this problem into context. First, with exception of the second woman who accused Congressman Al Franklen of improper behavior, I believe the women who have come for

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Treyy Davidson born out of the Mid-West US has yet to reach his peak. This 23 year old mastermind has set his mind to the music game for the last 8 years. Raised in St. Louis, Mo. Treyy Davidson always loved music, but as he grew, he continued to feel the need to listen, learn and find a nitch in music. That is when he decided to write and rap. Honing his skillz and telling tales about the streets, Treyy began to produce his own music. Today Treyy performs for his growing fan base. Versatile cre

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Get to Work after the Spiritual Upliftment

I spent 15 hours with some of the most enthusiastic Community-level Repair/Reparations Advocates that I has been around in quite a while. During the Southeast Regional 2010 Convention, February 19th & 20th in Atlanta, GA, for a moment I thought the revolution was on! For me, it was both entertaining and educational (Edutaining). The presenters were powerful and the performers were dramatic. Only thing more we could have asked for was for more to gather with us in the name of our struggle. But I

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The ONLY way to stop those who would bleed our nation dry, dismantle our constitution, and dissolve our national sovereignty is to sayI will not work for you, buy from you, fight for you, or die for you, until thecriminals are gone from the halls of our government.EXIT STRATEGY:General Strike the people...The Constitution of The United States of America spells out in the first line where the power of our great democracy lies. Unfortunately we the people have allowed the pow
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