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     Now, let’s be honest.  Many of today’s parents don’t value an education the way many of us ‘P-Schoolers’ do.  Some of the stuff I read about in the local papers or see on the local news would NOT play out when I was a mere tyke.  My mother, who WAS a teacher, would have--simply--dug my grave, and my father would have tossed me in, and put the dirt on top of me, if I DARED to cut-up in school.

     I went to school, graduated, and went to college, and graduated

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Bible scholar

claims Christianity invented

as part of ancient Roman psy-ops campaign

By Travis Gettys
Thursday, October 10, 2013 12:38 EDT

Topics: Bible scholar claims Christianity ♦ Jesus Christ ♦ Joseph Atwill

The Christian faith is the result of the most successful psy-ops program in history, according to a self-professed American Bible scholar.

Joseph Atwill will present his controversial theory Oct. 19 in London that the New Testament was written by first-century Roman aristocrats as part of a so

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CRACK OR CHRIST""""""""""""

Crack" or "Christ"!by Bro Akil
From Niggas to Gods Vol. II
Escaping "Niggativity"

"Crack" and "Christ"! "Crack" or "Christ" ...two of the biggest hallucinogenic-drugs sold in the Black Community! "Crack" and "Christ".

There are only two people getting rich in these ghettos of "Slangin-Crack", and the other "Slangin-Christ"! One selling "Dope", and the other selling "Hope"! "Crack" and "Christ".

You got the "crack-house" on one corner with a house full of lost and desperate souls, and

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