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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey



      Former President Donald Trump did what no other president of our modern era did:  He kept our boys—and money—out of Ukraine, the money laundering capitol of the eastern bloc.  Many on both sides of the political spectrum did not like the fact that on Trump’s watch, the United States managed to roll up an impressive score of major foreign policy victories by eliminating terrorists, keeping dictators in check, the Abraham accords and moving our Embassy to J

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3828586305?profile=originalNB Commentary: Think about it. Whether real or contrived, the idea that it happens should cause one to pause and think. Why does this country thrive on this type of fanfare, violence, false flags, hoaxes or whatever you wish to call them? Over and over again, we see people die, or maybe not, killed or maybe not, but whatever the case may be, DEATH is the calling card and then the other is GUN CONTROL. Ironically, the Powers that Shouldn't Be feel that if they do this enough times they will beat

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Why & How Africans Embrace Christianity

Invasion Through Conversion

"A striking example of how Christianity destroys a proud culture, by introducing "doubt". The Christian body is imperfect, we are "sinners". These beautiful people learn for the first time, that their behavior is a "sin". A bigger psychological disastrous impact is the fictitious idea of the Christian afterlife, their current world is a place of sin, they are sinners, the "real life" will start in the afterlife. Makes me think what proud people we could be, if we could
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APC condemns PDP’s declaration of war against the Nigerian judiciary


The Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has expressed shock over how the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] has launched out on large-scale smear campaign on the Nigerian judiciary following the recent court pronouncements that appear not to favour the PDP and their candidates at the various election petition tribunals especially the Akwa Ibom State and Rivers State governorship election petition tribunals.



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A letter to ISIS

The ink of insanity

When hearts are cruel dictators and dirty
When thoughts are sinister and greedy
When the obedience is a kinda stupidity
When the logic is buried immediately

When love is stolen on the show of reality
When pets are the inheritance of materiality
When religious motions are the lines of vanity
And when flattering intellectuals lose their sanity

Victims walk on the dream of their killers to see:
Which God commanded you to kill humanity?

- See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/1177
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Prepping for World War

                                                               From The Ramparts

                                                 Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                                            Prepping for World War


     “Russia is being placed at the top of the United Kingdom's defence threat list, on a par with terrorism and cyber warfare, it has been revealed. Speaking to IHS Jane's on 4 August, Rory Stewart, chair of the House of Commons Defence Committee, said: ‘Until rec

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The Courage To Change The World
(A Call To Action)
Charles E. Campbell

It is my Business! It is your Business! It is our Business!
Consciousness calls one to have the moral courage to “Square Up” against wrong and injustice. Let cowards be afraid, but not me! Not us!

Personal Responsibility demands the defense of the weak. I/We will defend our children from abuse, our women from bad love, the elderly from being victimized and our humanity from tyrants at home, in our community, our nation and

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Border of separation

My verses inspired from MR .Mansur nabeeli's poem:
He tells: "world is our home"
My chorus inspired from MR. Mansur Al-Hallaj's idea
He told: "I'm a God"
(People killed him while he was laughing)

We need globalization, not prison!

Demon's the first drawer of boundary & division
Demon's the creator of antagonism & deportation
Demands of freedom raise the flags of grimace
A Hand of human draw the line of separation


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By Adib Rashad ~

 Gil Scott Heron, poet, and pioneer rapper once stated that the military is
equal to monetary.
An African proverb states that War has no eyes.

I have amassed a number of sources which highlight some important facts
pertaining to the history of Iraq, the oil companies, and the profits and
carnage that war can generate.

First, I will briefly discuss Iraq and Saddam Hussein's connection to the

The CIA, The White House and Iraq

According to an article--which has historical authenticity--

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The 9-11 Scam

 From the Ramparts
The 9-11 Scam                                                        
“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government.” Martin Luther King Jr 1967

As the powers that be used the tenth anniversary of 9-11 to reenforce the government’s incredible (not believable) narrative of the happenings of that fateful day, we need to stop, think, reflect and ask ourselves where all this is taking us as a people and what
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(The maniacal quest to be THE MAN IN CHARGE of the slave master’s front office on the plantation, driven by the obsession to be the party in power under Massa’s directions)

 “What is the best way to end the constant slave rebellions?” the slave owners asked “His Holiness” their spiritual advisor, and the answer was:  “Educate them on

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Betrayal at 1600:
America's 1st Black President Invades Africa
Over the objection of the African Union, US attacks Libya

By Don DeBar

NEW YORK - In a move reminiscent of Senator Mike Mansfield's observation that "Only a Nixon could go to China," President Barack Obama has begun a military invasion of Africa.

For those unaware, Libya is in Africa.

Ignoring the call of the African Union - the regional organization having jurisdiction which counts every African nation
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This two days equal history commemoration project annually aims to restore the Erase-ism memory of the roles and actions of runaway enslaved who served as Union Military soldiers, sailors, nurses and supporting civilians during the Civil War. They and other African descendants significantly helped preserve the United States Union and gained the freedom of enslaved a

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It's Somebody Else's War

Kenyatta2009's Blog

I rarely agree with anything Secretary of Defense Gates says so today will be a breakthrough. I think of this
in response to a statement that someone made about how President Obama was spending all kinds of money on frivolous programs. First Republican Eric Cantor said that President Obama was adding more to the national
debt than ever. When that statement was proven false, a republican on Facebook twisted the argument to try to claim that somehow the rate of spending was stil

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Kinda Makes You Wonder

From the Ramparts
Junious Ricardo Stanton
Kinda Makes You Wonder

“With 12 Democrats joining a unanimous Republican bloc, the US Senate voted Wednesday to defeat a proposed extension of unemployment benefits for workers who have been jobless for nearly two years. The bill would have extended unemployment benefits for those out of work more than six months, until November 30. In the two and a half weeks since June 1, when the last extension expired, some 903,000 workers have seen their benefits cu
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War Israel Iran Now

Israeli sent their Navy through the Suez Canal earlier today on route to the Persian Gulf. Israel also has their troops on the Lebanon border. The RT report below indicates that the USA is going to blackout news coming from the Middle East. The reason, is that Israel will attack Iran. There will be fall out from this attack and that is why Israel is on the Lebanese border.

The Israeli Navy will reach the Persian Gulf by Feb 11th, when the World will be focused on the Olympic games. The report to
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The Banana Peel of Militarism

From The RampartsJunious Ricardo StantonObama and the Banana Peel of Militarism“WASHINGTON — With a bloody suicide bombing near the Khyber Pass adding urgency to his words, President Obama announced on Friday that he plans to further bolster American forces in Afghanistan, increase aid to Pakistan, and set strict standards for measuring progress in fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban in both chaotic countries.” www.nytimes.com/2009/03/26/washington/We can’t say he didn’t warn us. Less than sixty d
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James C. McIntosh, M.D.: The great Prussian general, and before I get into trouble and anybody is asked to denounce me, for calling a Germanic leader great, let me cautiously say wickedly great. The wickedly great Prussian general Frederick the Great wrote in his instructions to his generals, that "The greatest secret of war and the masterpiece of a skillful general is to starve his enemy. That's what sanctions do. In Zimbabwe sanctions have created critical shortages of supplies of clean wat
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How Americans Were Duped and Sold a Pack of Liesjuly06leb_img_38.jpg(At left: Stacks like these have evaporated from circulation due to hoarding and concentration of cash by deep pocket financiers.)The assessment of the so-called Financial Meltdown and the gov’t “bail out” appears to be a constantly shifting premise. So we must continually strive to accurately sum up what is taking place amid the lies and spin. And while the search for the truth seems to be an endless, unrewarding task, we must keep two principles
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