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The speculation abounds around the event that was reported to have taken place on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub. What we do in our Intermediate I Ching Online Workshop is to ask pertinent questions about this event to see what the Oracle will tell us.
We take many things into consideration when asking our questions. We understand that personal bias and skew the responses from the I Ching so we work hard to develop the most objective questin we can so as to get the answers that we can best
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3828586221?profile=originalNB Commentary:  Okay, so they must really be counting on folks to have the shortest of shortest memories about the relationship that ISIS has with the Turkey government which has been accused over and over again of supporting and arming ISIS. Now ISIS is going to bite the hand that feeds it?? I think not. Just back up a few months ago. Remember the Russian satellite images of the ISIS convoy that was being allowed to travel into Turkey. The convoy was carrying gallons upon gallons of crude oil,
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NB Commentary:  I have read several comments under the articles listed below and it amazes me how these folks are not seeing the humongous elephant in the room.

Can the American populace be that blind, deaf and dumb? Did they just crawl out from under a rock when they heard about Omar Mateen's 911 call saying he was an ISIS sympathizer? Did they not want it to be heard that he said he wanted America to stop bombing  his country of Afghanistan? Why was it redacted from the original release of the
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NB Commentary: When the now President Obama was running for election back in 2007 he made a lot of promises and gave people the adage that Hope and Change were in the offing. It was time and "Yes, We Can" rang out through the media and the entertainment world took it up and splattered every media outlet with this adage. I even remember myself feeling anxious about the election and wondered if he really would win. He appeared to be anti-everything that his predecessor was openly for.

Now, years l

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Russia Presents Detailed Evidence Of ISIS-Turkey Oil Trade
NB Commentary:
Is it or is it not true that when the hired Assassins are deploy and the mainstream media picks up the story and runs with it. Over and over again, we hear about the story, all types of evidence seen and unseen, heard and unheard. Details on the very activities of everyone involved in the new BREAKING STORY.  Everyone bites and regurgitates the sound bites verbatim and the hype continues until some one completely exposes it
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5555209_orig.jpgThe "Real" Isis Attacks Gender Violence in Valentine’s Day Novel Just Released

New book revives the Egyptian Isis myth in an urban fantasy of a feminist rebellion. The Egyptian goddess becomes a feminist symbol in contrast to the propaganda, corruption and gender violence of ISIS.

New York, NY, January 22, 2015 --( In the aftermath of a year in which reports of gender violence gripped college campuses, the American military and the NFL, a new novel offers an urban fantasy involving the
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A letter to ISIS

The ink of insanity

When hearts are cruel dictators and dirty
When thoughts are sinister and greedy
When the obedience is a kinda stupidity
When the logic is buried immediately

When love is stolen on the show of reality
When pets are the inheritance of materiality
When religious motions are the lines of vanity
And when flattering intellectuals lose their sanity

Victims walk on the dream of their killers to see:
Which God commanded you to kill humanity?

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