The 9-11 Scam

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The 9-11 Scam                                                        
“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government.” Martin Luther King Jr 1967

As the powers that be used the tenth anniversary of 9-11 to reenforce the government’s incredible (not believable) narrative of the happenings of that fateful day, we need to stop, think, reflect and ask ourselves where all this is taking us as a people and what will be the ultimate consequences morally and financially?  The US government under Republicans and Democrats alike has used 9-11 to justify an ongoing global crusade against mostly Muslim or Arab people who just happen to live over huge reserves of oil, natural gas and drugs. Now this could not be an idle coincidence. No one in their right mind is that gullible or naive. So what is the real deal with this continuing "war on terror"?

The United States as an entity is a war loving nation. The facts are clear and the evidence irrefutable.  When you look at the history of this country from even before it was a sovereign  nation, the Europeans who came here and their heirs subsequently have waged war against the Native Americans and now the whole world since day one. They brought their love of war and bloodlust with them. For a complete time line of US wars and aggression go to The list is too long for me to enumerate here but suffice to say it is lengthy and telling.  Telling in that it debunks the notion white people are peaceful and humanitarian. For example the first item listed is the war against the Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Nipmuck “Indians” in 1675 by the New England colonists. 

So based upon this long running history it would be rational and logical for one to conclude 9-11 was probably a pretext to launch an imperialist campaign to expropriate wealth, resources and geostrategic advantage for the US empire. The fact of the matter is, the US was planning to invade Afghanistan in October of 2001 way before 9-11 ever happened. To see documented evidence of this go to This evidence indicates 9-11 simply provided a convenient excuse the US government and its bosses (the multi-national oil conglomerates, the international banksters and the military industrial complex) would use to justify an already preplanned and approved invasion of a country that posed no threat directly or indirectly to the US, Britain or NATO.

The whole piece about Osama bin-Laden doing 9-11 has never been proven nor has any qualitative evidence been produced by the FBI, CIA or anyone else for that matter to link him to 9-11. They just said it and the media parroted it. But like Johnny Cochrane said about the LA Police , “Just because they said it, doesn’t make it so”.  In fact on the FBI’s own Website Osama bin-Laden was never listed or indited as a suspect for 9-11!! In effect even the FBI said there was no evidence bin-Laden was involved in 9-11. Warmongers don’t need an excuse to kill, loot, pillage and plunder. What they need is a justification to get young men and women to go off to foreign soil, shed their blood and die to further enrich already rich individuals and corporations.

When you do the research you will discover that a whole series of wars have been fought based on government lies and propaganda like: the Mexican War, the Spanish American, WWI, WWII and Vietnam and on and on. The easiest way to dupe people into war is to convince them they have been violated or attacked. This is what happened in every example I gave; something to think about.

War is big business. In ancient times the booty and spoils of plunder were divided amongst the invading hoard. In some cases the invaders were barbarians who loved sacking just for the sake of sacking like the Vandals a group who were so proficient at it that’s where we get the words vandal and vandalism from. In more modern times, wars were not just about settling personal vendettas between rulers, land and resources but debt and interest paid to the big banks who lent money to the monarchs and governments to fight their wars. Standing armies have to be feed, armed, clothed and paid and this is where the banks came in, they lend the money for war.

Stop and think about this, with all the talk about crippling deficits and debt reduction by both the Republicans and Democrats alike, why aren’t they talking about cutting defense spending or reducing the size of the military like they glibly talk about cutting Social Security and Medicare or devaluing the US dollar via inflation? 

This country’s government has bankrupted itself on war. There are literally trillions of dollars missing and unaccounted for from the US Defense Department and other government agencies. It’s a scam but they need an excuse since they are supposed to be so Christian and civilized. So they often attack themselves and blame it on the people they want to go to war against to justify their war. This is an ongoing pattern as we’ve seen, so why would 9-11 be any different?  Food for thought.


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