globalization (2)

Esene-Matthias_871810.jpg?width=350By Esene Matthias | Globalization has both positive and negative sides (see J. Bayo Adekanye; 2003). But whether globalization has become a moral indicator in a social framework does not change the fact that it is an inevitable reality precipitated by the wave and tides of human civilization, anchored on science and technology. What is today christened "The Obama Phenomenon" is an effect of the Obama campaign strategy; an influence of his inspirational eloquence, a creed of change and the real "

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Border of separation

My verses inspired from MR .Mansur nabeeli's poem:
He tells: "world is our home"
My chorus inspired from MR. Mansur Al-Hallaj's idea
He told: "I'm a God"
(People killed him while he was laughing)

We need globalization, not prison!

Demon's the first drawer of boundary & division
Demon's the creator of antagonism & deportation
Demands of freedom raise the flags of grimace
A Hand of human draw the line of separation


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