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Self-determination - that is the right and ability of a people to determine their own destiny economically, politically, and socially – is absolutely necessary for the exercise of “genuine” national sovereignty and independence. In reality however, very few of the 193 nation-states that exist within the present imperialist world-system exercise any serious degree of self-agency, let alone self-determination. And it goes without saying that none of the worlds remaining stateless peoples’ and nati

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War Israel Iran Now

Israeli sent their Navy through the Suez Canal earlier today on route to the Persian Gulf. Israel also has their troops on the Lebanon border. The RT report below indicates that the USA is going to blackout news coming from the Middle East. The reason, is that Israel will attack Iran. There will be fall out from this attack and that is why Israel is on the Lebanese border.

The Israeli Navy will reach the Persian Gulf by Feb 11th, when the World will be focused on the Olympic games. The report to
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