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Border of separation

My verses inspired from MR .Mansur nabeeli's poem:
He tells: "world is our home"
My chorus inspired from MR. Mansur Al-Hallaj's idea
He told: "I'm a God"
(People killed him while he was laughing)

We need globalization, not prison!

Demon's the first drawer of boundary & division
Demon's the creator of antagonism & deportation
Demands of freedom raise the flags of grimace
A Hand of human draw the line of separation


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Down with wolf, Reynard & fox

intro:In this darkness, I'm thinking about a bright lambto come and graze the grass of my fatigueVerse1:When the Rancher came, a twilight of religionsWas in the Midst of knobs of his shirt, in our visionsHe weaved a window of mind from the Hay of old signsBut he could led no arm toward muscles of paradiseChorus:We were drunk in the moments of awakeningOur mind was like mutton, we were just ruminatingOur leader was a rancher & he took care of usWe were saying: "Down with wolf, Reynard & fox"Verse
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Slave of job's face

INTRO:In the hand of lady where no human foot can treadTold a mighty needle to an impotent thread:VERSE1:Hey stray, feetless, headless! What are you doing? With ME & this ladyYOU wanna suture in shreds, But what are you doing? With ME & THIS sugar candyWe reached Private Parts, What are you doing? With us, You're so randyWe've not come here to bandy words with you, who say: You're so handyPre-Chorus (lift):IN PROTEST AGAINST behavior OF THREAD, Needle WAS LAWYER& LONG TOUNGE OF feminine POET How
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