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Border of separation

My verses inspired from MR .Mansur nabeeli's poem:
He tells: "world is our home"
My chorus inspired from MR. Mansur Al-Hallaj's idea
He told: "I'm a God"
(People killed him while he was laughing)

We need globalization, not prison!

Demon's the first drawer of boundary & division
Demon's the creator of antagonism & deportation
Demands of freedom raise the flags of grimace
A Hand of human draw the line of separation


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Down with wolf, Reynard & fox

intro:In this darkness, I'm thinking about a bright lambto come and graze the grass of my fatigueVerse1:When the Rancher came, a twilight of religionsWas in the Midst of knobs of his shirt, in our visionsHe weaved a window of mind from the Hay of old signsBut he could led no arm toward muscles of paradiseChorus:We were drunk in the moments of awakeningOur mind was like mutton, we were just ruminatingOur leader was a rancher & he took care of usWe were saying: "Down with wolf, Reynard & fox"Verse
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Slave of job's face

INTRO:In the hand of lady where no human foot can treadTold a mighty needle to an impotent thread:VERSE1:Hey stray, feetless, headless! What are you doing? With ME & this ladyYOU wanna suture in shreds, But what are you doing? With ME & THIS sugar candyWe reached Private Parts, What are you doing? With us, You're so randyWe've not come here to bandy words with you, who say: You're so handyPre-Chorus (lift):IN PROTEST AGAINST behavior OF THREAD, Needle WAS LAWYER& LONG TOUNGE OF feminine POET How
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A letter bomb for God of terrors

Instead of you, who created all of killings?
In the name of you, who ruined many feelings?
Forever you can stay in your Private book
Or maybe as a Juggler in our holy wood
There's no difference between machines and your believers
When your funny followers uprooted many flowers
You're a papery god and stuffed with Blank page
You and everyone I know can't kill my message
Why your admirers killed messengers of freedom
Let's erase your name

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