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* Edmundo Galiza Matos Junior, speaking on behalf of Africa at the opening of the First Asia-Africa Youth Festival, Beijing

Distinct leaders of the People's Republic of China, young Asians, Africans and our host China

Ladies and gentlemen

  1. We Fit it to honor to proceed with a speech in representation of all the young Africans, invited by our country friend and brother, China and we thank you, but above all  hope to renew our laces of brotherhood here;
  2. Let me start by making  a historical, social and
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On September 18, 2016, we will begin our 7th series of I Ching Workshops Online GIVE THANKS, WE ARE ON FOR THE 7TH SERIES!!!

Is a magic number. so let's talk about magic. Too bad magic has gotten such a bad reputation over the years, scaring folks away from using their own, place a shroud of contempt all around it; while the very ones who are screaming about how demonic it is are using magic on the masses everyday.

Everything is magic, everything is energy and energy is magic as well as magic
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On March 20, 2015, we will begin our 5th series of I Ching Workshops Online


"Voices Of Africa" traveled to Bolivia during the last week of February to celebrate African American History month with the Afro-Bolivians there. It was an amazing and enlightening experience, one that I wish could have lasted a bit longer.  But now that I am back, I am ready to move forward and get the I Ching Workshops online back in session. 

It's hard to believe that this is our 5th series,
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The Truth About Black Religion and Spirituality and The Lies of Christianity, Islam Dr. Umar Johnson (video)

NB Commentary: 
Dr. Umar ,made some really good points particularly when it relates to spirituality. Having gone thru Christianity to Islam to African traditional spiritual belief systems. Clearly, they do entail a great deal of the culture from which they are derived or shall I say controlled by. I have a few points to add.
1. The yin/yang principle is within every one of us, having been b
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NB Commentary: But they do know how it came about. they know who created it and why. It was bio-warfare, created in the laboratory. It has killed many in its wake and has filled the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies.

It was first experimented on white gay males who had Hepatitis and was believed to cure them of that disease. It did not and instead spread. Once they saw the impact of it spreading they decided to take it to Africa and blame it on
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Prepping for World War

                                                               From The Ramparts

                                                 Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                                            Prepping for World War


     “Russia is being placed at the top of the United Kingdom's defence threat list, on a par with terrorism and cyber warfare, it has been revealed. Speaking to IHS Jane's on 4 August, Rory Stewart, chair of the House of Commons Defence Committee, said: ‘Until rec

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The State Of The Dream

August 25, 2011 


Raynard Jackson


With all the attention being focused on the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this week, I have been pondering what he would have to say about the state of his legacy.  In the immortal words of Lionel Richie (former lead singer of the Commodores):


“I may be just a foolish dreamer but I don’t care

Cause I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere

I'm searching for that silver lining

Horizons that I've never seen

Oh I'd like to take just a

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China, Africa benefit from bilateral co-opNotice from the link above that there aren't any Africans in the damn picture.Is not the White Western world some how angry at China over it's alledged support of Sudan and meddling in the former slave quarters and food bowl that is the African landmass that feeds Europe even today?In South Africa on June 6, 2008, The World Ecomonic Forum held a meeting lauding the billateral Africa-China agreements.When you read on, all you see is how China helps Africa
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