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African Pride: A Matter of Identity

photo.jpg?width=350By Jupiter Punungwe | Personally I am non-spiritual. I do not believe in anything claimed to be supernatural.

However a lot of people do. When they recount simple factual events, they often tag their beliefs along. As a result oral history in whatever form is often gathers are huge shrouded in myth and spirituality. It is not something unique to African culture.

Recently I have made it clear that I am proud of my African identity. To that end I have been discussing African people whose exploits ar
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bRunoko Rashidi ~

  Four days ago I returned to the United States from a week long trip to 
Harare, Zimbabwe where I was a guest of UNESCO and the Government of 
Zimbabwe.  The purpose of the visit was to help prepare curriculum content 
and a teacher's guide for the teaching of history in African public schools.  
The goal is to complete the project within the next eighteen months.  

The UNESCO gathering was a wonderful experience and a big honor, although the 
African Diaspora itself was n

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The Global African Presence: A presentation 
Thursday September 8, 2011 
by Dr. Runoko Rashidi 

Time: 1800 hrs (6pm) 
Venue: National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe

FREE FREE FREE Bring a friend and the whole family.
Q&A follows presentation

Runoko Rashidi is a historian, research specialist, writer, world traveler, 
and public lecturer focusing on the African foundations of world 
civilizations. He is particularly drawn to the African presence in Asia, 
Australia, and the Pacific Islands, and has coor

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3828528975?profile=original6 September 2011

Greetings Family,

How are you?  I am entering the fourth day of my second trip to Zimbabwe.  My 
first trip, in 2000, took me to Bulawayo and surrounding villages, the ruins 
of Great Zimababwe and the magnificent (no other word comes close to 
describing it) waterfalls of Mosi Oa Tunya ("The smoke that thunders").  This 
time I am in the capital of Zimbabwe--Harare.

The occasion of my current visit to Zimbabwe is the Pedagogical Use of the 
General History of Africa Project 

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by Amadi Ajamu ~~  
The Millions March in Harlem buzz is in the streets around the country. Posters and flyers are everywhere and people are excitedly talking about the need for unified action and change. The Millions March in Harlem will be held on Saturday, August 13, assembling on Malcolm X Blvd at 110th Street at 10 AM.  It will focus on the attack on African people on the Continent and in the United States.


The heinous bombing of Libya by the US and NATO, illegal sanctions against Zim
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For 80 years, the continent of Africa has waited to host the 1st African World Cup. They say, patience is a virtue and in our different
locations and ages, we have waited collectively or individually for
80years, 80months, 80 weeks and 80days so far. Soon it will be
8days, 8hours 8 min. and 8seconds before the games start. What a
legendary activity, we the Africa people can do on our own as a free
people, a free generation advocating for unity, peace

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Freeman F Chari: Before the current Government of National Unity, proponents of the theory of exclusive governance were of the belief that an MDC government in Zimbabwe would signal the end of Zimbabwe’s economic quagmire. This was premised on the assumption that once MDC gets into power, western governments particularly USA would pour economic aid into the government’s coffers. Today, we are wallowing in the realisation of the painful truth about the basic rules of engagement with these countr
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James C. McIntosh, M.D.: The great Prussian general, and before I get into trouble and anybody is asked to denounce me, for calling a Germanic leader great, let me cautiously say wickedly great. The wickedly great Prussian general Frederick the Great wrote in his instructions to his generals, that "The greatest secret of war and the masterpiece of a skillful general is to starve his enemy. That's what sanctions do. In Zimbabwe sanctions have created critical shortages of supplies of clean wat
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Africa for Africans - doing it for ourselves! Transforming conditions in Zimbabwe right now! Today, Africans from around the world are joining the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), coming together as one people to bring our skills back to Africa and to restore our motherland. Our latest endeavor is the Zimbabwe Farm Irrigation Project. We need your help to raise $6,000 to get this project off the ground. Will you contribute?

Donate securely online The Zimbab
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