9-11 (4)

9/11 Poetic Reflections

some 9/11 poetic reflections...
15 years ago...
caspian crude rude
(for lyn z and booker t. coleman)
“When the master’s catches on fire,
I’m praying for a wind to come…”
                 Malcolm X
cocka-doodle doooooo!
mutha fucka!
o say can u see
past those stars and stripes
that left us hangin from southern trees
hunted dead flesh
for the birds to pluck
ripped open angry wounds
for the winds to suck…
stuck in these cities
with fake leaders on their knees
beggin for
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The 9-11 Scam

 From the Ramparts
The 9-11 Scam                                                        
“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government.” Martin Luther King Jr 1967

As the powers that be used the tenth anniversary of 9-11 to reenforce the government’s incredible (not believable) narrative of the happenings of that fateful day, we need to stop, think, reflect and ask ourselves where all this is taking us as a people and what
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9/11 and the Pimpin' of Patriotism

Paul Scott:

Following World War I, an evil dictator by the name of Adolf Hitler was able to manipulate the citizens of Germany by constantly yelling "remember Versailles !" Nine years after the attack on the World Trade Center , right wingers are still trying to manipulate the citizens of America by yelling "remember 9/11 !"
Just as Hitler was able to enrage the Germans by blaming the Treaty of Versailles for their condition, the Conservatives haveused the events of September 11 2001, to crea
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Rodney D. Coates:

It is with deep sadness that I watch many wrap themselves in either the American flag or Christian Political Correctness in their attempts to deny Moslem Americans a basic right that we all cherish. I must admit that I am a bit ashamed at my Christian brothers and sisters who would act so callously to defame, ridicule, and reject another’s religious freedoms. As an American Christian –I hold such freedom more than mere words, but hard fought, blood bought, and time honored rig

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