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Ha Phuong, a petite dynamo with a huge heart and a big name in her native Vietnam, now a deeply entrenched New Yorker!!  An accomplished actress, singer, philanthropist and movie producer. She is more determined than ever to help make the world a better place, inspired by her not only her daughters but her childhood in Vietnam.
[Single] @HaPhuongArtist 'Memories of Love'
Ha Phuong is one of three daughters in a musical family.  Ha Phuong discovered the power of using her talents as a singer, dancer and entertainer to express herself and co
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Why Do Black Women Hate Black Women?

The title of this video is "Why Do Black Women Hate Black Men?"
This video is a bit of departure from my usual uploads.  It's a bit raw and uncut.  A few days, I awakened from sleep and this question was piercing my awareness. "You are not married, why is that? Do you hate Black men?

I must say I was taken aback by this thought appearing in my awareness.  In fact it troubled me that anyone would think such a thing.

Typically, I am very meticulous about how I c
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The Perfect Script

One of the most profound things that my wife and I were blessed to learn was by author Ra Un Nefer Amen. He indicated that we all have been conditioned to have a script of the ideal person and the ideal relationship. This script can include anything from physical characteristics to financial status and personality type. When we first fall in love and have those butterflies in our stomach and fire in our hearts, it’s probably due to us feeling like we found the man or woman of o

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Chicago native CHI-ILL links up with Multi-Platinum producer Dame Grease for the lead single "Love" off the upcoming mixtape 1871 Hosted by Bigga Rankin.



Connect w/ Chi-Ill
Twitter: @chi_ill
IG: chi_ill

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Many hands on the worldOne of the best aspects of the Internet is that there are so many authors speaking about so many varied and diverse topics.  As I read politically or racially charged pieces I often see this quote from a commenter: "I don't see race".   The writer usually says this like this is some badge of honor. "I don't see race so therefore I can't  discriminate".  Most people who write this are full of shit. 

For those who truly "don't see race" however I say that they are missing out on the very thing that

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Poem: Heal My Broken Heart

Lord my heart has been so full of hurt


And pain. lord i'vebeen through the


Storms and the rain, through all the ups


And downs, this life can bring. so heal my


Broken heart and let me live again.. oh! I come


To you heavenly father ,cause you know


All about me, let me lean on your shoulder


let me get set free, oh! I know you


Understand the problems in my life,

so please heavenly father, heal my

Broken heart. 

 Written by Chief Prosperity

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Poem: You

You enter my inner being , should i stop you? I don't quiet know ! Do i yearn for your touch ? Do i anticipate your lips pressing up against mine ? Do i sometimes think about you? Trying to get you off my mind... Being with you is like a breath of fresh air, staying away from you is all i can do ,to keep this passion i feel inside at a least i try ,your kisses are like honey, looking into your eyes is like dancing, when you touch me ,it feels like, your making love to me,. yet i haven'
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Poem : Can We Talk

                                                             Can we talk


Can we talk for just a moment?


Can we talk about what's inside?


Should i tell you that i love you ?


Should i say some times i get tired ?


Is it wrong to be disappointed about the times  i've  done you wrong ?


Will you still love me tomorrow , or have i really let you down?


Can you gaze upon my existence or have I vaporized into air?


Are our days really numbered , and if so will you meet me there ?


Can we talk for just a mom

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WLIB_Covercopy.jpgTalia James is young and quite naive. The daughter of an alcoholic mother, Talia had to grow up fast and mother to her younger siblings and cousin.

Needless to say, Talia made some bad choices in life where love and men were concerned. After two broken relationships and two sons, she feels as though she has won the lottery when she meets Andre Peters, a very well-to-do sports agent. The fact that he's married takes a backseat to Talia's happiness.

Imagine her surprise when she calls his wife,

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