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"Moving From The Plantation To The Chur-Chation. Modern Day Religious Slavery and Its Devastation." by Mansa Musa 

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Before I start this rant, I want to pay a special thanks to my guardian spirit for opening my eyes to the knowledge and wisdom that I am about to share with everyone here. What was revealed to me is not a vision or a revelation, but just the way to see things from a different prospective. All the information was already here and available for many to see, but having eyes they see not, having ears, they hear not and having a brain, they thinketh not. These subjects are very delicate ones and should be treated with lots of loving care and understanding.

This New Year’s Rant is about two subjects that many people normally don’t feel comfortable speaking out about and for others, they often speak way too much about it and still not have a clue how they are still affecting many of our people in the world today. I am speaking about Religion and Slavery. Yes, religious slavery in the modern world. For all those people who may feel offended with my post but are still on my Facebook Page, I don’t really care if you stay or leave, I will continue to post what I want, when I want, on which ever topic I want and I will continue to do so in the future.

According to the Webster Dictionary, the word Religion is; a particular system of faith in and worship of a Supreme Being or a God; a practice of devotion or conscientiousness; recognition on the part of man of a controlling superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence and worship. However, when it comes to religion nowadays, many people uses it for control and domination over others by the use of two things; Fear and Faith. Just as fire, religions do serve a good purpose in humanity and also can be misused for destructive behavior once it is not handled properly. As we can clearly see, many people use religion for all the wrong reasons in most cases in this day and age.

A slave as it is defined or described in the Webster Dictionary is; someone without freedom or personal rights; a human being who is owned by another human being; someone who is dominated by some influence, habit or way of life. As we look around us today, many of us are in slavery in one form or the other and don’t even know it or even care to escape from our captors. Sometimes women can find themselves trapped in a relationship which can be similar to be a slave. Their husband or in some cases their partner has total control over their lives in every way. And just like in physical slavery, they are subjected to both physical and mental abuse, but for whatever reason or reasons, they stay put for fear of been lonely. As was in the old slavery days, many slaves refuse to escape, for fear of not to be able to look after their own well being. They have been in that condition for so long; they don’t know any other life.

Just as it is in life or a marriage, the same scenario is been displayed in all religion nowadays. Many people are trapped within the ideology of religion that they don’t even know that they have become a slave to that way of living. If we were to examine the parallel between Organized Religion and Slavery, we will be able to see that they both are identical in many aspects. In this lecture, I will endeavor to demonstrate the similarities. We have to understand that Organized Religion is just like fire, it is neither good nor bad, but just how the individual decides to use it. As fire is neither good nor bad, it all depends on how you use it; you can take fire to provide heat, light and as a means to cook your food, you can also use fire to destroy people or properties.

Slavery was condone and was rampant throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. It came a little after murder in magnitude to creating disasters for mankind, and has got to be one of the most immoral things a person can do to another human being. Yet the Bible clearly approves of slavery in many passages, and it goes so far as to tell when you can have sex with the female slaves, how much to pay to obtain slaves, and how hard you can beat them. We can see in Leviticus 25:44-46; it states; however, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.

Some people will try to prove that the slavery in the bible is different to modern day slavery by saying that those slaves were actually servants or indentured servants. Many translations of the Bible use the word "servant", "bond servant", or "manservant" instead of "slave" to make the Bible seem less immoral than it really is. While many slaves may have worked as household servants, that doesn't mean that they were not slaves who were bought, sold, and treated worse than livestock. In these other passages of the Old and New Testament and many other such passages are details of how to treat a slave; Exodus 21:2-6, Exodus 21:7-11, Exodus 21:20- 21, Ephesians 6:5, 1 Timothy 6:1-2 and Luke 12:47-48.

However, slavery in the modern days within the last two centuries was even worse than what was prescribe in the bible. Today we have what I prefer to call Religious Slavery and it has been practiced on many unsuspecting people and they don’t even know it. Most of the slavery in the olden days was more of a physical nature, unlike the slavery of today is of the religious type. Many people have used religion to enslave their fellow humans and feel no remorse because it was condone in the Bible. There are great similarities in both form of slavery; physical and religious.

In physical slavery, anyone can be brought or sold by their master at anytime of their life. They did not have any control over what they eat, where they live, who to or who not to worship, who they are allowed to get married too or how many children they were allowed to bear. The difference between physical and religious slavery in this aspect are about the same. In religious slavery, you become your own master, but you are dictated by the leaders of your religion of what to eat, who to worship, when to worship them, where you live, who you can get married too and how many children you can have.

In physical slavery, once you and your family are purchased by a slave master, he will change your name to reflect that you and your family are now his personal property, just as it is stated in the Bible. If the slave owner’s last name was Peters, James or Jones, then your last name will be changed to suit his own. And if you were further sold to another slave owner and his name was Roberts, then your name will be again changed to Roberts, which identify you as that new owners’ property. In some cases, you will be branded with a hot iron with the initials of that slave owner, so that in case you were to escape, the slave catchers can easily identify to which owner you belong too.

In religious slavery, once you and your family join any religion; your identity is automatically changed to reflect that particular religion. In religious slavery, you are now encouraged to dress, eat, talk and conduct your life based on that religion principles. You are no longer a FREE person to dress the way you want to anymore, you cannot eat anything you wished anymore and you cannot associate with anyone that you chose to be with, unless it was sanctioned by the leader of your religion. You are now known by your rightful religious identifying name, to distinguish you from all other religions. You now become a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Moor Israelite, Hebrew Israelite, Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, Janis, 5 per centers, Buddhist and all the other different religions name. This form of slavery keeps you faithful to the religion that you are now enslaved too. And just like physical slavery, your personal names can quickly identify who is your master.

I have quite a few brothers and sister on my Facebook Page, and just by seeing their name, I can tell which religion they are enslaved too. Many of them strongly believe that they are the Chosen People of God, so they changed their name, and I might add, voluntarily to reflect their religion. In physical slavery, the master’s name was forced upon you, but in this religious slavery, you choose to name yourself. So you will have lots of brothers and sisters with Hebrew sounding names, or Muslim sounding names or in some cases God attached to their names. I have seen many brothers especially, with name that they truly believe has the many different names for God attached to their given names. The same way with the Sikhs or Hindus, they all believe that to attach a God sounding name to themselves, they are special or very different to everyone else.

Most of those people are enslaved to their religious beliefs and cannot escape without severe penalties of been excluded from their religion. The big difference is that many people voluntarily chose the religion that they are involved in after they have reached the age of reasoning. When they were young, they were enslaved to the religion that was practiced by their parents. And the simple way it is done is by using two sets of common denominators; fear and faith and reward or punishment. Just about every single religion plays on people’s fear of the unknown to keep them in check.

If they cannot put fear into your heart, then they will use faith as their backup plan. After using fear and faith, they then follow them up with reward or punishment. Rare do you ever see they use facts versus fiction. Just about every religion uses rewards as their means of getting you to comply with their dogma or religious agendas. You are not allowed to think for yourself, and they will seek out certain passages from their holy book, forbidding you from ever questioning their authority. Just like in physical slavery, you dare not question your slave master about why he is treating you the way that he chooses to treat you.

In physical slavery, the masters are the biggest beneficiaries of all your hard labor and get to live the life of luxury while the slaves can only wish to enjoy some of the perks of the masters, but never even has the opportunity to do so. In the olden days of slavery in the Western Hemisphere, there were many very large plantations which were worked on by slaves daily. The slaves did not have any say in the sharing of the profit that they help generate for their masters. They were whipped daily to stay in line and do what they were told to do and if they start to give too much trouble, they were sold to another slave owner. In religious slavery in the Western Hemisphere, there are similar things occurring in the various places of worship, where the upper echelon are the only one benefiting from all the hard labor of their followers and you dare not complain. What the religious slaves get are promises for their good behavior and a pretty sounding title in this life.

As you look around, you can see the massive wealth that are been generated weekly by many of the self proclaimed preachers, ministers, pastor, teachers and leaders, while their followers are still living from hand to mouth in abject poverty. They live in the best high class expensive houses in exclusive neighborhood, drive the best cars, wear the most expensive jewelry and clothes and also eat the best food available. This type of slavery is allowed to continue because it was all started from in the bible, where it was legal to practice it. However, many people think since they don’t use any whips or chains on you to upkeep their slavery system in operation, then it is not slavery.

So many men and women will voluntarily go to the modern day plantation called a Synagogue, Church, Mosque, Temple or any run down store front on either Saturday or Sunday and partake in this religious slavery system. Just like in the old slave system, the slave masters know what to say to keep their slaves in check and know what to do when one or two gets out of line. The same thing is happening today with those massive plantations passing as places of worship.

We are told that you have to belong to one of these plantations to be able to inherit the afterlife. Meanwhile, the religious slave masters are enjoying their afterlife of wine, milk and honey in this present life. These “Chur-chations” does not pay any taxes and the religious masters are not accountable to anyone else but their board of directors, who the masters have total control over. This is the modern day slavery system which has made many men and women very rich, off the hard work of their followers and it is getting worst every day. In certain cities, you will find about five, ten or even more churches within a few square miles block. Some of these plantation are small with a few religious slaves, while others may have hundreds and even thousands slaves. They are all in the same game of selling salvation for a price. All the slaves get in return for turning over their money is a promise of a good time in the afterlife, and it is all done under the guise of religion.

Even in some of these religious slavery organizations you are told that you have to kill followers of other religions if they don’t want to be converted to your way of slavery. So we have the Jews fighting the Palestine’s Muslims in the Middle East, the Catholics fighting the Anglicans in Northern Ireland, the Shiites fighting the Sunnis, and the American Christian fighting the Middle East Muslims. Now not all wars are fought to convert others, but the determining factor always has a religious background added to it. Some wars are for pure greed and domination of others who may look different that the invaders. Just about every war that are been fought today, are always along the lines of religion.

Every religion wants to convert you to their belief and is willing to kill you if you don’t co- operate with their teachings. Religion and slavery goes hand in hand from the beginning of time up to today. Most of the people who benefited the most from the physical slavery of the millions of African people were either Jews, Christian followed by Muslims and many other religious organizations. Many slave ships were named after Christian deities for them to look sanctified and sacred as they transport their human cargo to the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

But nowadays, the religious slave master, are not taking them out of the different countries anymore, they are building large religious plantations in those countries instead or they will have massive religious crusades filling huge stadiums of devoted slaves. If you cannot get the people to come to you to hear your religious sales pitch, then you have to take the message to the people.

Religion is a big business and slavery is needed to keep it flourishing. If the bible had never fully sanctioned slavery, the world would be a much better place for all of mankind. But with many of my brothers and sisters today, they are partaking in this devastating slavery system and many of them don’t even know it or even care to abolish such practices. They think if they can quote a few verses of chapter from their holy book to justify their religious beliefs, they are going to inherit a glorious afterlife. Many of these so called religious slaves are quick to label themselves as “God Chosen People”.

I truly believe that there is no such race or people as “God Chosen People”. Everyone was born within the human race, for them to become a human being. Outside of the Bible, there is no proof that any one race is first, second, third or fourth class people. Inside of the bible is where you will find all that division and hatred, based on the theory of the twelve tribes from an ancient past. In the bible is where it is taught how to treat, buy or sell another human being as your personal property. I will like for anyone who may disagree with my lecture will submit proof which is found in nature that there are chosen people or race? I will like for them NOT TO USE THEIR HOLY BOOK AS A REFERENCE TO SUBSTANTIATE their claims that they are from any “Chosen Race”.

I hope I can get lots of people very mad at what I have said, and after they have gotten mad at me, they will stop and think for a while to see if what I revealed here makes any sense to them whatsoever. Many people are still finding themselves in slavery and bondage and they don't even know it or what to do to escape from it. To me, and I can only speak for myself, Modern Day Religion is one of the biggest Slavery System that mankind has ever devised. There is a big difference between Religion and Spirituality.

If you take the parallel of Physical Slavery and put it next to Religious Slavery as I have attempted to do in this lecture, you will see that they are both identical in just about every aspect. I hope I have explained in details how many of us were transported out from the plan- tation to the Chur-chation. According to one of the great physical slave liberator from the past, Harriett Tubman; she said, “I could have rescued many more of my people from slavery, if only they knew that they were slaves”. It’s about high time all right thinking people should join together to abolish slavery from the face of the earth in all its various forms; Physical as well as Religious.

But I know that such dreams may never come through, because it will be the end of all wars and hatred among all people. No longer will we have Jews and Gentiles, Christians and Pagans, Hebrew Israelites and Esau’s, Shiites and Sunnis or all the division of the human race based on any biblical or other holy books doctrines. Religious Slavery is big business and the ones who benefit the most are not going to give up on their power that easily. Just like in the past in the United States Of America and other countries in the Western Hemisphere, there had was to be many civil wars and mass protest to stop the form of physical slavery from continuing after over four hundred years.

This form of religious slavery may be with human beings for another thousand years before we all realized that everyone who was born from a woman is either our brother or sister and not a religious being. We have to all first try to get over what was taught to us from the bible about physical slavery, before we can move forward and live as human beings. If not, we will continue to see brothers and sisters calling themselves all different types of biblical names and still fighting one another to no end. We have to start from now and respect others who may choose not to be part of any RELIGIOUS SLAVERY SYSTEM AND BE FREE.

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