The Covert War on Black America !

The US government’s intelligence divisions have developed advances in the studies of behavioral psychology that have given them much more control over its population. It initially used these advancements to develop psychological warfare programs used to manipulate foreign populations, but it was eventually decided that this same method of psychological warfare could be used domestically as a tool to manipulate public opinion.
Today to control and produce uniformity among the masses, the U.S. government disseminates propaganda domestically among its own citizens. The main sources that it uses to spread its propaganda are the Press, the Cinema, Education and the Radio. These four sources abilities to manipulate and control the masses are over-whelming. The great majority of people derive their ideas and perceptions, from these sources. Most of the things that we believe we do so because we have heard them affirm through these sources; We do not remember how or why they were affirmed, and are therefore unable to be critical even when the affirmation was not backed by any evidence whatsoever. This situation gives those who control the media, the inherent ability to define, manipulate and control targeted groups as they see fit.
This psychosocial program uses propaganda to adversely manipulate and shapes the minds and collective perceptions of America’s Black population by subjecting them to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves.
The U.S. Government has an extensive history of conducting planned campaigns of extensive strategic psychological operations through the national media to domestically direct the perceptions and climate of the nation towards its governmental objectives. Information given through the media can greatly influence every facet of our lives. When these propaganda programs are directed at particular targeted groups they can be effectively used as psychological manipulation tools.
Through the noted media sources propaganda may be used to adversely manipulate and shapes the minds and collective perceptions of targeted groups. By inundating targeted groups with deliberately misinformation about themselves these programs can produces, within the targeted group, the sort of character and beliefs that the controllers of the program wants them to believe. Upon their so formed personalities, docility will be imposed on the targeted group. Strategies against their oppressors will be discouraged in these groups of people, and insubordination will be psychologically purged out of them. This system can even make any serious criticism of the powers that be psychologically impossible. Even if all within the targeted groups are miserable, all will believe themselves at fault for their miseries, because these systems will be used to tell them that they are so.
To domestically defend its position of white dominance that was lessened by civil rights gains made by the unprecedented civil rights strategies of African Americans, the U.S. Government secretly employed this well proven mass manipulation programs against its entire Black population.
Although the U.S. Government publicly professes equality for all of its citizens, it secretly holds an unyielding commitment towards the preservation of its White dominance and control. Given that the nineteen sixties were a period of massive black rebellion that increasingly challenged its position of white dominance, this quite logically necessitated that the U.S. Government employ this same proven method of mass manipulation programs to domestically defend its position of white dominance against its Black population.
The present despairing state of Black America, as depicted through out America’s national media outlets, is neither a baffling phenomenon, nor the result of some innate racial deficiency among Blacks, but rather instead the result of a governmentally deplored mass manipulation program.
The United States media’s distorted portrayal of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality is more than just biased media reports. They function as media manipulation/ psychosocial programs. Its unrelenting daily assault on the Black psyche is deliberately designed to adversely manipulate and shape the minds, and collective perceptions of African Americans.
From their established positions of power, prominent white governmental elites monopolizes all given information deliberately disseminating only those that implies their white superiority over its Black population. Its constant deplorable depiction of African Americans is being done to perpetuate and frames the myth of Whites’ racial, moral, intellectual and ethical superiority. This psychosocial program subjects African Americans to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves-- while implying that they admire, respect, and trust only Whites. It is designed to break down African Americans’ sense of racial unity and allegiance, mold the character of self-hatred, self-doubt, self-loath, and distrust among their group. This program conditions Black people to accept white dominance over their lives by misleading them to believe that they are now themselves their own worst enemies. Through totally white controlled media outlets African Americans are seeing themselves through lenses that have been deliberately assigned to them by white mass media manipulation experts. It is a covert and sophisticated method of control that ensures the continuance of America’s White racial hierarchy by manipulating and shaping the minds and collective perceptions of its Black population. This insidious, yet very sophisticated mass manipulation program works by using the science of psychology. It prevails by affecting the unconscious mind through deception. Its weapon is the message that it carries and the way that it adversely affects the targeted recipient group in terms of their behavior. To the detriment of many African Americans this applied psychological conditioning program has been extremely effective. It has engendered within the psyche of many African Americans profound feelings of internalized self contempt that pulverizes Black unity and halts Black upward mobility. It also totally detaches African Americans’ from their sense of power and reality.
And while many African Americans have successfully navigated through this psychologically mortifying mine field and have gone on to lead successful, productive lives, for far too many this immense devaluation can seem inescapable and tragically, over time, many begin to accept subconsciously and painfully the negative portrayals of themselves. Many also become discouraged by the acceptance that their society is also preconditioned to see the worst in them and that, therefore, if they were ever to gain acceptance, if it is to be won at all, that success would be hard won. This in turn manifests negative internalized psychological pain and distress within many African Americans that can take many forms. In fact, this mortifying psychosocial program is so fundamentally detrimental to the Black human condition and psyche that it may even affect the extent to which many African Americans realize their full human potential.
All African Americans have experienced the burden of this system of applied psychological conditioning, some more severely than others have. This mass manipulation program is at the root of both the profound division and self hatred now afflicting so many Black Americans and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess.


It is surmised that this massive manipulation program was implemented in 1968, in the face of widespread violence that ensued after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King’s brutal assassination amplified Black angry demonstrations and riots within the United States. Such incidents were reported in more than 100 cities across the nation immediately following the assassination. America’s racially motivated brutality toward African Americans appeared to have reached its boiling point, creating much unrest and discord; and it increasingly challenged the stability of America’s white statuesque. These factors led U.S. Government agents to quickly reform their techniques of institutionalized racism.
The noted problems resulted in President Lyndon B Johnson ordering the formation of the Kerner Commission. Its mission was to investigate and prescribe a cure or recommendations for the problem. The Commission concluded that blatant White racism was the single aggravating factor for the collective problems. The Kerner report’s findings required that the U.S. Government abandon its open, blatant forms of racist systems used to defend its position of White dominance. This abandonment of outdated tactics necessitated an implementation of an improved method for ensuring the continuance of white dominance and control. Clearly its proven method of mass media psychological manipulation through media propaganda meets this need.

This new covert method of maintaining white dominance was a logical progressive choice because it provides America’s white elites with a more socially acceptable means of ensuring the continuance of its White racial hierarchy. Unlike the blatantly brutal forms of racism used in the past, which Blacks were able to identify easily and therefore unify and form counter strategies, this modern system is more covertly deplored.
Not only does this psychosocial program manipulates the self perceptions of African Americans, it also creates a national climate that is insensitive to their plight —thus fostering a consensual national setting of where in which Blacks are more easily mistreated and suppressed.

This psychosocial program meets this additional objective by changing the root problem of racism in America to be due to Black’s behavior rather than White’s proclivity for racism. This deliberately done to create a shift of victimization—in favor of whites-- that makes the nation and the entire world insensitive to the plight of African Americans, tranquilizes efforts on their behalf, lessens pressure for social change on their behalf and makes any serious criticism of White racism almost impossible today.
This program also produces false justifications for the legal system’s mistreatment of African Americans. Wherein they are disproportionately incarcerated, given stiffer sentences, and are more likely than other racial groups to be treated brutally, beaten, and fired upon by police officers while they are unarmed. These injustices now goes ignored because the perception has become that it’s all now justified.
When contempt of Blacks is made to appear to be justifiable, it is the most fiercest and effective type of racism because its witnesses, bystanders, and even world audiences will sit by idly allowing African Americans to be brutally mistreated disproportionately incarcerated under the belief that it is justified.] It also affects attitudes that when enacted through governmental policies, laws, and other legislation actions, serve to ensure that African Americans will not advance. Its effects are manifested in ideas, education, governmental policies, economic stratification, social segregation, housing markets, hiring and promotion practices, psychological issues, and minority access to a variety of social services and opportunity.
The objective of the United States government has always been to maintain its White dominance over its Black population, and clearly, this mass media psychological manipulation campaign meets this need—because it covertly manipulates the self perceptions of African Americans and creates a national climate that allows the government to consensually suppress the advancement of its African American population-thus maintaining its White racial dominance and control. In order for those who have been misled to begin to see “correctly”, they must have a clear, analytical understanding of the origin, strategies, mechanics, purpose and methods of the device that has blinded them in the first place. Therefore it is imperative that this email is forwarded –Please do!
“When the truth comes along and you know in your bones that it’s the truth yet you still refuse to accept and defend it you then really begin to die.” By Franklin Jones
"I for one believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they'll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action." -- Malcolm X Learn more at

"The necessary re-education of Blacks and a possible solution of racial crisis can begin, strangely enough, only when Blacks fully realize this central fact in their lives: The White Man is their Bitter Enemy. For this is not the ranting of wild-eyed militancy, but the calm and unmistakable verdict of several thousand years of documented history.

Facing this reality does not call for increasing hatred or screaming and utterly futile denunciations. Far from it. For all these shouting emotional outburst by Blacks are in themselves indications of weakness, because they becloud the mind and prevent the calm and clear thinking that is absolutely required for planning if the Race is to be saved from final destruction."

From the book "The Destruction of Black Civilization"
By Chancellor Williams

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