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Back Yard Boyz - Overtime Hustling

The Back Yard Boyz of Picayune, Mississippi releases track with +Nieman Marcus titled "Overtime Hustle." This track is also produced by the Lima, Ohio rap artist formally known as Gansta Marcus.

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In Memory Of Big Pun

Big Pun, check the blog http://hiphopresurrection.ning.com/

Just wanted to give a moment of silence for

one of the greats out of the Bronx "Big Pun".

Your never dead as long as you live in our thoughts.

Its been 12 years since Feb 6. R. I. P




l.jpg?width=200Bad Bitch can be declared as a classy woman. A lady who loves money and watches the style of clothes she wear. Loves to take good care of herself, smells good, and loves lots of purses. This song with rap artist Gansta Marcus and Free-Doe I felt real defined the definition and point I was trying to make.
Bad Bitch F

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MISSISSIPPI Must Apologize Campaign!

The petition title is: Mississippi Must Apologize Campaign! The petition URL is: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/010109/petition.html We need your support! Here are some of the reasons why.. MISSISSIPPI The epicenter of America’s “legacy of pain” The time has come for all “good” citizens of the State of Mississippi to take a stand and do what is right. “The Deep South,” the region, far exceeds demonstrative acts of intolerance on its citizens than all other regions combined, in the United St
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