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September 30, 2010

Raynard Jackson

During the past two weeks I have been asked to be involved in two projects relating to Africa. While dealing with Africa can sometimes be very frustrating, after the past two weeks, I am very high on the future of Africa.

Last month I was asked to help put together the first ever Seychelles Investment Forum in New York. The event was held last week and was a great success. The Seychelles is off the east coast of Africa, surrounded by the Indian Ocean (www.seychell

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Bethlehem Star M.B. Church
9231 South Cottage Grove, Chicago, Ill 60619
Rev. Roosevelt Watkins III, Pastor
773-487-8441 - Fax 773-487-8603
For Immediate Release
July 12, 2010
For More Information (773) 487-8441
Bethlehem Star Church's HOPE Organization sites' (CEDA/LIPHEAP) Summer Cooling, Light Bill Assistance Program will begin on Monday, July 19th until the funds are exhausted. You may be eligible to receive a one time payment up to $150.00 on your light bill. In order to
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