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The Quick Scan by Mike Ramey




     From time to time, one may find themselves working a ‘side hustle’, better known as a ‘side gig’.  Back in the day, a second job was referred to as ‘moonlighting’.  Nevertheless, a side gig can bring in some extra, needed income during hard economic times.

     It may also serve to gather information to give one a ‘leg up’ when times get better.

     In my neck of the woods, I’ve been blessed to happen across a wide variety of young folks working the side gig of deliver

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The Manhood Line: The Gold Files By Mike Ramey

A man must make the effort to prepare himself; INVEST the time, talent and sweat needed to build yourself that career or relationship you are seeking and to build yourself to face the time in history which you are challenging.  An unprepared man is sure to become a casualty in the arena of life.  God favors the man who not only walks with Him but takes the time to grow under the training of the men whom He has sent their way.
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The Manhood Line: The Gold Files By Mike Ramey


     First, let me thank the publications, publishers, editors and—most importantly—the readers of “The Manhood Line” over these many years.  It has been a joy to put this column out (the flagship column for Barnstorm Communications International, by the way).  God has blessed this column to go from my home city of Indianapolis, Indiana around the world and back.  It has visited a variety of HBCUs and other college campuses. It has hit Tokyo, Japan.  It sipped tea in Rome, Italy.  It made its s

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An Elder MUST Teach by Mike Ramey


The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head.

Crises rise and fall, coming into range fast--and disappearing just as fast. Music may change. Fashions may change. Waistlines and hair colors will change. But, the truth…that will never change. One other thing that will never change…a young person without guidance from an older person won’t make it very far in ANY society.

It has been quite interesting to have such a blessed career

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On Line Book Reviews By Mike Ramey

     There have been a host of negative and nasty events surfacing against many colleges and universities of late. Thus, it has become imperative for parents to not only secure the right college for their children, but to make sure that any possible lasting debt associated with a college degree is minimized.

    Have heart dear parent and student as help is on the way! There are remedies and avenues out on the horizon where one can enter college or university and exit with a degree…and no stagger

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