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American_Republican_Network_Inc.jpg?w=650Billions of dollars and many thousands of man-hours of some of the best minds have been expended on the problems in Haiti by the Members of United Nations.  Thirteen years later, it is yet to be determined why Haiti cannot put an election together, or even why about 9,800 elected officials are required for a country as economically underdeveloped as Haiti. Laws still on the books that were enacted as far back as 1978 to support a then crumbling dictatorship made it impossible for the 44th, 45th,

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Here's Èzili's Response: 

                                            "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and 
                                                culture is like a tree without roots." - Marcus Garvey

nago.jpg Zili Dantò performs performs the Nago for Breaking Sea Chain (See also Intro to Breaking Sea Chains)

Èzili Dantò Note:
 The Light and Beauty of Haiti http://on.fb.me/1lnt26H
People are sending links to me of a CNN program (https://goo.gl/cXfJGe ) called Believer (h
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If Blacks want justice, don’t vote for crooks! 

If Blacks want to vote for someone with a track record of compassion for Blacks, it isn’t Clinton.

If Blacks want a person to end this inferior lifestyle it isn’t Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has never done ANYTHING for Blacks.  She talks a good game, but without substance.  Her husband, Bill Clinton, ended programs that aided Blacks just so

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NB COMMENTARY:  There's a rumor going around that Barack Hussein Obama may be elected into the Office of Secretary General come this December, 2016.  Now wouldn't having Obama as Secretary General of the UN, just bust a lot of buttons??!!  Obama would be the perfect choice, as he is most in alignment with the type of puppet they need. But wouldn't that be some history right there, the 1st Black President, and the first African American to be Secretary General of the UN!!!  OMG, I see stars, I se
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Revisiting HLLN Narrative on the Cholera Case for Haiti  

A recent article noted that "Congress faults Obama for not being tough with UN over Haiti's cholera crisis "
Here my analysis again on the whole futility of the Concannon-Kurzban cholera case that's really another fundraising boon for the 28 billion per year humanitarian industry, on another Haiti crisis. (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/29/us-congress-haiti-cholera-united-nations-obama-administration)

The article is about a con
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NB Commentary: Sometimes it is hard for me to wrap my head around the dichotomy that the US calls foreign policy. On one hand they support "freedom fighters" who want to dispose of an evil dictator, on the other hand they prop up evil dictators and guarantee them long life and protection.
In the case of immigration they want to take in Syrians, whom they have no idea what type of social ills they may bring to this country or how many of them may be disgruntled refugees ready to be radicalized, an
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Cynthia McKinney:

After serving in the Georgia Legislature, in 1992, Cynthia McKinney won a seat in the US House of Representatives. She was the first African-American woman from Georgia in the US Congress. In 2005, McKinney was a vocal critic of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina and was the first member of Congress to file articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. In 2008, Cynthia McKinney won the Green Party nomination for the US presidency.
Published time: 14 Dec, 2015 15:57
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HAITI: Continental Campaign Launched at Nov. 5 Rally in Brazil
On November 5, 2012, more than 600 people crowded into the auditorium of the Municipal Building of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, at a Continental Rally to Demand "UN Troops Out of Haiti Now!

Speakers from seven countries -- the United States, Haiti, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, France and Brazil -- addressed what the U.S. delegation in their declaration characterized as an "historic rally." [See statement below.] The meeting was orga
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 From: Cikiah Thomas


On a day designated to celebrate the achievements and triumphs of African people everywhere, the Haitian Revolution, despite attempts to erase all traces of its significance from modern civilization, stands out like a pinnacle in a dream, a seminal moment in the wide swath of human history. In this day and age when Haiti is often caricatured as a troubled and poor beggar state, ravaged by nature and devastated by political bedlam, it is with reverence that we remember that

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With All Thy Getting

February 10, 2011 


Raynard Jackson


King Solomon, of the Bible fame, states in Proverbs 4:7, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding.”


I assume that it’s still legal in the U.S. to mention or quote from the Bible?  I am not too sure; this can cause me to be accused of being insensitive to other religions—but, I digress.


As I reflect upon the current state of affairs in the world, I am seeking to get some understanding of a few things.



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Statement by Dr. Ron Daniels,
President, Institute of the Black World 21
Century, Founder, Haiti Support Project

October 7-11, the Haiti Support Project (HSP) will lead its third Delegation to Haiti since the disastrous earthquake. This reflects our ongoing commitment to stand with our Haitian sisters and brothers in this
hour of grave national crisis. Indeed, HSP is no stranger to the Haitian people. 2010 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of HSP. Over the years we have organi

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Video Footage from the Javad Jahi Brigade of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement to Haiti for the 2010 Black August International Exchange

Discussion with Wilson Mesilien, Director of the September 30th Foundation and MXGM Press Conference on August 26th, 2010

The discussion focuses on the ongoing case of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, who was disappeared in August 2007, the work of the September 30th Foundation, and the strategy of the popular movement in relation to the upcoming “demonstration” elect

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SRDC/PADU Statement on Haiti from Prof. David Horne via Sis. Iman Hameen. Asante.
(Prof. Horne is the International Facilitator of Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus and Pan African Diaspora Union.)


In January, 2010, a devastating series of earthquakes hit the nation of Haiti and left a stunning aftermath of death, infrastructural collapse, broken families and other harsh consequences.

We have watched and listened to much of the world's rescue and relief efforts, and indivi
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The Resilience of Haiti by A. Omar Muhammad

The Resilience of Haiti by A. Omar MuhammadThe memory of smelling the stench of dead bodies while driving through Port-Au-Prince and other areas of Haiti will only be a small part of what I took back home with me. I also took a host of other thoughts, emotions and a continued desire to give to those less fortunate.When I heard the news of the earthquake it seems like something took over and I knew that I would soon be in Haiti helping those who lost some of their family members in the earthquake
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Catastrophe in Haiti, Tragedy in Africa, and Katrina in New Orleans, have some saying blacks are cursed. Sandy Holman, author of “Grandpa, is Everything Black Bad?” cautions those expressing that sentiment. January 22, 2010, Davis, Ca. The images of Haitians suffering are heartbreaking. However, I found myself going from tears to torment, after hearing suggestive comments being made about black people in the wake of this horrific tragedy. These statements suggested black people are cursed becau
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Haiti - 5 Years After the Coup

Sunday March 1st, 7PM La Peña, 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California Haiti Action Committee invites you to an inspirational evening of culture and solidarity with the Haitian people, to mark the 5th anniversary of the February 29, 2004 coup d'etat. * Oakland delegation visits Haiti - Report on the people's struggle by Nia Imara * Poet-musician Phavia Kujichagulia * Music by the Troublemakers Union * Haiti since the coup - Pierre Labossiere Plus Special Guests: Richard Brown, Black P
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August 12, 2008 was the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, one of Haiti's most respected human rights advocates. The Haitian Blogger remembers him fondly: “It's a…sad commentary that Lovinsky has not returned to his family. Lovinsky embodied Haiti. Haiti's spirit of independence, struggle, wisdom and knowledge of self.” GLOBAL VOICES: http://globalvoicesonline.org/2008/08/12/haiti-lovinsky-still-missing/
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