Revisiting HLLN Narrative on the Cholera Case for Haiti  

A recent article noted that "Congress faults Obama for not being tough with UN over Haiti's cholera crisis "
Here my analysis again on the whole futility of the Concannon-Kurzban cholera case that's really another fundraising boon for the 28 billion per year humanitarian industry, on another Haiti crisis. (

The article is about a congressional letter sent to Obama 
where because a "bipartisan group of 158 members of Congress are ‘deeply concerned’ that the US did not treat the UN’s refusal to accept responsibility for the outbreak with enough urgency." Now, we all know that Obama was selected, as Minister Farrakhan points out, to run white affairs. Most of these politicians in Congress are there running the government for the one percent. Long ago, HLLN stopped appealing to the destroyers, whose function in our society must be redefined, restructured.

But the article reminds me, it's been awhile since I've hit on the white savior industrial complex cashing in on their imported diseases to Haiti. Their feudal pillage masking as humanitarian aid and "defending" and "helping" Haiti victims of imperialism.

“Oceans of our blood have poured and watered the soil to nourish civilized co-existence on this planet Earth and continue, this very minute, to soak the earth needlessly, simply because Haitians were the first to counter, in combat, European/U.S. biological fatalism, destroy their myth of white superiority and to do what even Spartacus could not.”

“For whose entertainment shall we sing our agony? To the destroyers, aspiring to extinguish us, reveling in their own fantastic success? The last imbecile to dream such dreams is dead, killed by the saviors of his dreams.” –by Ezili Dantò of HLLN
Brian Concannon-Ira Kurzban the ones bringing the cholera case, are, in this case, the control opposition financed by the system of racism/white supremacy.

 The whites will make money, pad their resumes, Haitians die, Paul Farmer continues to distribute ineffective short term, foul cholera vaccines 6-years after the outbreak began, making hundreds of millions for his p-harm aceutical buddies.
The depths of white depravity is unbounded. It's a religion that has no logic except making profit off Black bodies and resources. And if they control the cholera victims narrative, they can lead it anywhere they wish. Be on TV legitimizing the UN’s crime against humanity in Haiti by asking the UN to apologize. To apologize for killing over 20,000 people and not inoculating and then not quaranteeing their soldiers, but covering up where the source of the disease came from, denying the importance of the source with a Paul Farmer-CDC public relations spiel in the first months of the outbreak.

Controlled opposition offer nuggets of truth but are essentially working for the perpetrators of the crime, controlling the perpetrators' exposure to condemnation and ultimately to the most just punishment.
The best way to cover up the UN’s crime against humanity is to “sue” the UN for a way lesser crime, like for not having a claims procedure for Haitians to file their cases, instead of calling them the criminals that they are. For, even if the UN had a claims procedure, based on their history and the incontrovertible evidence, it would never rule against itself in favor of their victims. That’s not even reasonable. It’s like expecting the rapist to admit he’s a rapist and make whole his victim.
But the Concannon-Kurzban crew, marginalized this critical Haiti narrative of HLLN by getting all the press about their “cholera case.” Notice, no media picks up on the Haitian narrative. It’s as if we’re invisible. As if we haven't pointed out the Concannon-Kurzban legal conflicts of interests. Their close alliance and warm involvement with the occupiers of Haiti.
That Paul Farmer, the UN star consultant and contractor for cholera relief and water detoxification is not on the board of the Brian Concannon’s Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) which is purportedly defending the cholera victims.
It’s as if the United States is not complicit in the UN cholera abuse for bringing them to Haiti to carry out their occupation in the first place. That its not the respondiat superior -the employer that also needs to be sued for financing the UN that brought death to Haiti. Because the US is not a name defendant in the Concannon-Kurzban theater, when Obama comes into Court on the side of the UN against the cholera victims, there’s no legal issue about the US involvement and criminal complicity in the cholera abuse case for the judge to consider.

In the final analysis, the Concannon-Kurzban court gesture is an exercise in futility because the military occupation under UN proxy command, imposed by the US, continues unabated with its devastating effects.
In fact, by suing the UN as some humanitarian gone-wrong incident, never mentioning the US occupation or even the UN proxy occupation, the white savior industrial complex indirectly legitimizes the occupation of Haiti and destruction of Haiti sovereignty. It's the elephant in the Concannon-Kurzban case no one but HLLN sees in the room.

HLLN would have lauded the letter if those Congressspersons had actually faulted Obama and U.S. imperialism in Haiti for bringing the UN to Haiti which then infected Haiti with a gross disease.

But the control opposition at IJDH carved the narrative on the cholera case, so the letter from Congress  to Obama is not "Congress faults Obama for the UN over Haiti's cholera" no. It's "Congress faults Obama for not being tough with UN over Haiti's cholera crisis." Like their not mingled together as employer/employee. The control opposition that is funded by the UN/USAID and the NGOs masturbating on Black pain, makes sure, that the root cause of why there's cholera in Haiti, is not on the table for discussion. That a U.S. Boca Raton resident wasn't the one to sign for MINUSTAH's presence, but Haitians?

Èzili Dantò, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, Free Haiti

“The last time something like this happened was Nazi Germany, and yet people are like, shrugging about it”—- Junot Diaz, famous Dominican author
Say no to civil genocide, ethnic cleansing and expulsions in Dominican Republic. Boycott DR products, services, trade and tourism. Sanction/Divest:

"Help stop the racist policies and the major businesses in the Dominican Republic, emboldening racism and economically rewarding the denial of African roots. Join in our “say it loud: I’m black and I’m PROUD” campaign against Dominican Republic’s legalized racism and apartheid. Ezili’s HLLN coalition publicly request that Timberland Boots and Major League Baseball and others with billion dollar economic stakes in the Dominican Republic commit to stop supporting apartheid, worker abuse/intimidation and denationalization – denounce and divest out of apartheid Dominican Republic until the Dominican Republic align its laws to international norms for human rights."

Tariq Nasheed speaks on Hidden Colors 4 and The Death of Prince 

Akala on the Lavalas movement against imperialism and dictatorship

Kiyes ki tire sou biznis yo?  - Haiti Senator Jean Baptise Bien Aime reveals that the drug milia (supported by US who refuses to process their indictment against Guy Philippe and the rest of the kidnapping, murdering PHTK Duvalierist anti-democracy ballot stealers) and Martelly terrorists were responsible for the shootings at businesses.... See link to video. On another front witch Hillary forges ahead ...corruption un-interupted. Better just protect your blood pressure, watch the Jennifer Hudson and Bilal tribute to Prince instead. -- Èzili

Sénatè Jean Baptiste Bien Aimé: Se PHTK ki tiye polisye aux cayes, se yo'k tire sou Digicel & natcom

Haiti update June 28 : The US military-intelligence industrial complex in Haiti is showing the Haiti idiot politicians how it can flip the country in blood and violence in a mere 24 hours, as it wishes. This past weekend, from Friday to Sunday, the focus of shootings are suddenly and particularly on white business, one US missionary from Tulane was wounded in a separate incident. (American medical student wounded in armed robbery in Haiti --

Heavily armed individuals, riddled major private companies with bullets, in a clearly planned and coordinated operation - Digicel, the Marriot Hotel, Natcom communications, Behrman Motors, Automeca and Sogebank, all had their businesses sprayed with bullets. No injuries were reported and no one knows why the unidentified perpetrators did these attacks. But there is that electoral theater running, where 24 Haiti candidates registered to participate in the new show with another Pierre Opont/Bernard Gousse Duvalierist electoral chief in charge - this time anti-democracy new CEP is head is Leopold Berlanger. This well-known counter-revolutionary owns the Lavalas-hostile Radio Vision 2000. On the corrupt Parliament front, there's a vote to keep or remove provisional president Jocerlerme Privert that keeps being threatened. The health, safety and human rights of the 13 million Blacks, residing in Haiti, go unattended. The Guy Philippe drug militia looks exactly like the Michel "Sweet Mickey" Francois hunta did, in 1991. USAID, US Embassy, the DEA and CIA do all that is necessary to keep this divide and conquer chaos thriving in order for Haiti to continue being a fiscal paradise for the one percent. The end. And the beat goes on.. I rather make this post about something a bit more fluffy, warm and positive. Let's just do that and watch Beyonce's Freedom as performed by Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar; Jesee Williams speech on racism and the wonderful Sheila E. tribute to Prince. See below .--Èzili Dantò of HLLN and The Free Haiti Movement, June 28, 201

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