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By Bronnie Ware ~

As a new year approaches, we tend to reflect on the decisions we have made and resolve to make changes for the year to come. With that in mind, we rediscovered a well-known article by Bronnie Ware and asked her to share why she believes "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying" made such an impact on people around the world.

Globally, this article has been translated into several languages and seems to have broken cultural barriers with incredible ease. Perhaps it is the simplicity

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Catastrophe in Haiti, Tragedy in Africa, and Katrina in New Orleans, have some saying blacks are cursed. Sandy Holman, author of “Grandpa, is Everything Black Bad?” cautions those expressing that sentiment. January 22, 2010, Davis, Ca. The images of Haitians suffering are heartbreaking. However, I found myself going from tears to torment, after hearing suggestive comments being made about black people in the wake of this horrific tragedy. These statements suggested black people are cursed becau
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