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NB Commentary: Sometimes it is hard for me to wrap my head around the dichotomy that the US calls foreign policy. On one hand they support "freedom fighters" who want to dispose of an evil dictator, on the other hand they prop up evil dictators and guarantee them long life and protection.
In the case of immigration they want to take in Syrians, whom they have no idea what type of social ills they may bring to this country or how many of them may be disgruntled refugees ready to be radicalized, an
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France and Africa

In February 1986 a young charismatic West African statesman arrived at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport to attend the conference of La Francophonie, France's equivalent of the Commonwealth of Nations.In full military fatigues with a pistol dangling by his side, the fresh-faced Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso addressed the press with uncommon eloquence and panache. He spoke about liberation, about pan-Africanism, about freedom and justice. The world was awed by this new Sahelian political phenomeno
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Boycott France!

One week ago, the ‘Global Afrikan Congress’ (GAC), the trans-national Pan-Africanist organisation that was founded in Barbados at the 2002 anti-racism conference, launched an international campaign aimed at achieving a world-wide boycott of products manufactured in France, such as French wines and other liquers.
The reasons given by the GAC for this campaign against France, are the continuing refusal of the French authorities to acknowledge their historical debt and to pay ‘Reparations’ to Haiti

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by Mbegane NDOUR France We speak definitely about cultural genocide of the black populations in France. How not to speak about genocide when the only forms of cultural expression broadcast are skinned of cultural values and identity? How steps to speak strong genocide facing a sous separated, to think that we do not know that to run quickly, to type one in balls, to dance and to move with the frenetic rhythms of drums or hip-hop beat? how marginalized and stigmatized populations can aspire to a
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