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NB COMMENTARY:  There's a rumor going around that Barack Hussein Obama may be elected into the Office of Secretary General come this December, 2016.  Now wouldn't having Obama as Secretary General of the UN, just bust a lot of buttons??!!  Obama would be the perfect choice, as he is most in alignment with the type of puppet they need. But wouldn't that be some history right there, the 1st Black President, and the first African American to be Secretary General of the UN!!!  OMG, I see stars, I se
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The US Congress passed a bill called the "We are gonna sue Saudi Arabia on behalf of the victims of the 911 Terror Attacks" or Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which, Obama promptly vetoed by the way, in an unprecedented move against Congress.
Now that in and of itself should send some folks to look in the mirror and ask themselves some serious questions about this administration, and especially about our dearly beloved President, Barack Hussein Obama.
When the smoke cleared, Congress de
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Dear Ms. Washington:

This is in response to your article written in September 29, 2014 edition of the Sun-Times. My name is Jimmy Lee Tillman, II and I am an independent republican candidate for the US House of Representatives 1st Congressional District with a strong African-American agenda. I have not received much media attention from the mainstream or Black press. 
I have counted on the many voices in the grass root community to talk about
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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

  This venerable event has been around now longer than most of Brooklyn's residents- celebrating 54 years and counting. It's full of wonderful, creative work from time honored and new artists – local and national. Interestingly enough, with June also being Black Music Month and Caribbean Heritage Month, there is a cross section of cultures converging on this tiny, yet highly signficant little part in Bed-Stuy – on Fulton between Lewis and Marcus Garvey Boulevards.


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Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti

Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti By Alton H. Maddox, Jr If Blacks enjoyed political representation and not just political presence in the United States , it would be unnecessary for me to ask you to make a clarion call to get medical treatment for Haitians in dire need of medical treatment. Former Sen. John Edwards and actor, John Travolta, can freely travel to Haiti while the passports of our leaders have been lifted. Moreover, these leaders have refused to initiate a class action lawsuit
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Reparations Accord for Blacks in America

What is it?An agreement between representatives of the reparations movement and the U.S. Congress, and others, to settle the long standing reparations dispute in the form of agreed upon payment forms and methods.Legal DefinitionAn accord being a contract, the requirements of mutual assent and consideration must be made. An agreement whereby one of the parties undertakes to give or perform, and other to accept, in satisfaction of liquidated or disputed claim arising in contract or tort something
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